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Elo Update

Hey community, 

from today until Monday I will work on our new ELO system and will bring it live on Monday, please note, the stats won't be calculated until then, it might will take 2-3 more days.
It will maybe happen that the bot wont be available shortly during the period.

With this update, the old stats page will be vanished. The new one will still need some more days until you can view games.

The ELO system will firstly go back to the initial state of balanced team gain/loose as it is known for each community overall. This does also fix draws being counted as losses. Additionally, the recent crashed games have voided stats. As it simply does not make sense to count these games.

After the single games page view has been done and the ELO script is working, we will extend it finally on other games such as Legion TD/HLW etc.



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