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  2. Ban request

    Banned 3 days for flame and vk abuse ty for report
  3. Solution to fix widescreen resolution for WC3

    Note: i am on the phone so i will add the pictures when i am home. ( if needed )
  4. Hey all, i have been asked several times if there is a solution for widescreen resolution fix for warcraft 3, so i decided to make a guide on how to fix it. I already made the guide on another forum before, so this would be like a little reminder. Changing resolustion for Widescreen tvWarcraft 3 by todays standards is an old game, but it is still popular. Larger monitors, 21" or larger, have native resolutions that are not supported by Warcraft 3. There is, of course, a way to force Warcraft 3 (both Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne) to run in a high or widescreen resolution. The only way to do this is to do a simple registry edit. I have included a couple of pictures to demonstrate how to do this registry edit. I have done this before in the past and it is safe.First, we need to open a 'run' window. Go to Start--->Run--->RegEdit. Then follow the below navigation...HKEY_CURRENT_USER\\Software\\Blizzard Entertainment\\Warcraft III\\VideoThere are two variables that you must change: resheight and reswidth.Make sure you change the default hex value to decimal value.Example - 24" widescreen with 1920x1200 resolution.reswidth = 1920resheight = 1200You may have to restart Warcraft 3 for the change to take effect. Thats all there is to it! Have fun playing Warcraft 3 with your monitor's native resolution.
  5. Moderator request in DotA

    Thank you for everyone´s vote. Sorry for changing accs. But i will have one and it will staty my mine! fL4cK_Pr0Sa_Acc
  6. Moderator request in DotA

    I vote yes for teddy. good luck and take care like @Bee and @CryWolf suggested. Here is different from other bots, the admin team is more fair and alot more friendly then others. Always seek help from mods and admins when you need it, as it is essential to learn from the old ones. And pay attention to details when they are provided
  7. Ban request

    https://ohstats.net/en/game/174706 Hello, Mine account: fL4cK Violators name: Ballon Rule broken: Such a bad flame 11:28 Ballon: U STUPID BITCH NAP BLIND FUCK YOUR MOM U BASTARD 12:39 Ballon: LVL 6 AND NO GANK BITCHES TRASH 12:48 Ballon: MID U FAIL BITCH 15:52 Ballon: fuck your mom hurensohn Sorry, maybe only 4 times, but its family insult, and i think this should be bannable. Hope he deserves ban. Thank you, have a nice day. With Kind Regards, Teddy
  8. Moderator request in DotA

    Hi Teddy Since I know you worked for another community for a longer time, I checked your comments / posts / replays here and some posts also there. I can't see a very bad behaviour on OHS (in-game). You should just try to avoid also the minor flames, even if the player isnt listening or playing well. Let's play some games more and add some comments on ban-reports (Votekickabuse / Flame) and we will discuss about you again for sure. !Support All in all I like your work as admin on another bot and hope you'll continue to do so if you get a chance here. Regards, Bee
  9. Moderator request in DotA

    Hi Teddy Well your behaviour in game is not i like to be You flame a bit As a moderator you need to be an exemple for rest of the players Also you have only few posts and i want to see more activity from you, not only on chat First you need to connect your account and do proper ban requests and write how would you handle the situation Lets discuss about this in a month and lets see what happen then Have a good day
  10. Moderator request in DotA

    Ahoy, hello good morning dear OHS community I want to try my luck, and want to become as moderator on this great community. So all of first i will start something about me. I´m 17 years old boy from Slovakia. My name is Paťo ( Kokot for @crywolf and @the-egs-tv ) Town ( Bratislava ) I love play DotA at mine free time. I play already 9-10 years dota. From mine 7-8 years. I have a lot of knowledge in dota 1. Know found Mher 2. Know found dodger Why i want become as moderator? Because i want to help there, and there is also nice community. I think, i should help. Yes, i have also low posts, but i´m very active player in games, but sometimes on Forum too Of course, as moderator, i will be more active on forum too ( no way ) I want help with everything, if it will be possible. I like this community, these players, because there are not a such bad rules like on another bots. Yes i´m sorry for my flame some days ago, when i was little angry But i never flame, i´m always calm you can ask EGS he was mine EX-Root, and he know how i behave Hope you will vote YES. But its your choice. Mine acc game is: fL4cK Thank you! With Kind Regards, Teddy
  11. Yesterday
  12. Ban request

    banned 4 days for flame and multiple vk abuses Ty for report
  13. Ban request

    Ahoy Mine account name: Sweet_fL4cK_Acc https://ohstats.net/en/game/174623 Player " ialwaysleave " did many vk abuse 4 times. 07:40 ialwaysleave: !votekick el 10:42 ialwaysleave: !votekick el 22:23 ialwaysleave: !votekick anci 32:40 ialwaysleave: !votekick anci I think, this is bannable, if i am right. Hope, i´ll help there. Good luck & have fun in games. With Kind regards, Teddy
  14. Ohs bagg or something like that

    Nevermind ,i played vs mate so i wanted to capture that score...at last i can make a joke like my score was so op ,ohs server couldnt record that genocid
  15. Ohs bagg or something like that

    There is a rare issue that the stats are sometimes not properly recorded. I will fix it very soon. For the current occurences, I cannot add it back, sorry.
  16. After i ended the game i went to my ohs stats score to check elo change but there i couldnt find my game, i restarted page like 10 times, waited more then 5h nothing happend...so i went to profile of other player who were in same game (https://ohstats.net/en/game/174566) i was blue player, as you can see there is 0 elo change, i cant see my name, i was carrie playing riki...can you do about that? My game name: M4rcusy) Regards! Greetings from Serbia!
  17. Gameruiner

    Thank you for the report. Sorted as per
  18. ban repeal

    Thank you for the report. He is banned for gameruin & votekick abuse.
  19. Gameruiner

    Games: https://ohstats.net/en/game/174596 and https://ohstats.net/en/game/174597 Player: 8llld You should watch replay, I guess he deserves IP permaban Regards.
  20. ban repeal

    Game ruinned, suicide etc...game name: 8lllD game: https://ohstats.net/en/game/174597
  21. Last week
  22. At around minute 21 Abba [ dsectord ] left the game and then EarthShaker [ ANABELLA ] stole his items and sold them for himself. https://ohstats.net/en/game/174531
  23. Thx god I m not a laptop then
  24. Top 10 players you've ever met/seen on bnet

    1. CryWolf 2. 3. 4. ... ... ... 99. Mexican_Wisp 100. Graou @CryWolf am I doing it right?
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