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  1. GriefCode

    Ayylmao MH CONFIRMED

    Half of the stuff is simply brain, the rest cant be called out as the scenes are a way too short to determine it, but i assume it is also simple brain. Dont get why anyone calls out mh, neither get why you guys keeps calling you are hacking when playing with a bit brain.
  2. GriefCode


    The thoughts are justified and this is a long-running issue on our platform. I'm investigating for months now onto a better system that can be a lot easier understandable and better. The next weeks we will have it done. Greetings
  3. GriefCode

    We are global, aren't we?

    Hey community, the recent 2 days, I've updated a bit our new stats page. A long-planned desire I always had, finally arrived. Might a lot of you do not even care about it ... but the details are the most important things on our new stats page. All dates being displayed should have been converted to your local time zone. So there is no longer a confusion whether someone has been unbanned already or not. Your time zone can be determined automatic or manually set in your account settings. The same change applies to the 'date time's being displayed. They are usually determined automatically, but if you prefer a strict formatting, you can set them. I've added the most common locale date formats, for now, if you miss any, please let me know. If you miss a time zone, please let me know also. There are offset only time zones which can be used. Please note that there is also an information about your time zone above the content or below any displayed date. A simple list of games has been added, which does show the current lobbies, running games and finished games with the user-defined locale formats and time zones. https://ohs.app/index.php/games The next weeks, the stats page will be continued, and yes, the new ELO script is the most important upcoming change. Greetings, Grief
  4. GriefCode

    Random idiots on Bnet

    3 aquila at 25 min. Pure genius
  5. GriefCode

    GDPR related update

    Hey community, as you noticed you need to agree a new privacy policy. We have changed a few stuff in the backend to be able to get along the GDPR updates. Most of you won't even care on that, but it is the law, so I cannot change that I required to force notice that. Best Regards, Grief Aside, the new stats page is making some progress, you can already login, and see your current connected accounts and also connect new accounts. Check it out at: https://dev.ohstats.net/index.php/
  6. GriefCode


    No it is not normal, as it is a bug, new elo system will ship with the new stats page It will probably take a bit time, maybe, just maybe, I will find some time this weekend.
  7. GriefCode

    Roof Bug

    He just said what we all thought... I cannot see why this is racist 🕵️‍♂️
  8. GriefCode


    @h3rmit released a new version of gproxydll: http://www.mymgn.com/gproxy/ It is now compatible with 1.29.1
  9. GriefCode

    "Game not found"

    I'm aware of that issue, it will be fixed very soon.
  10. GriefCode


    You have typed your password 3 times wrongfully?
  11. GriefCode

    Patch 1.29 Live

    1.29.1 has been announced with the following fixes: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20762097153#1 This should fix most of the custom games related bugs
  12. GriefCode

    Patch 1.29 Live

    -> chat, add me on discord
  13. GriefCode

    Patch 1.29 Live

    Bots should be allover back up
  14. GriefCode

    Patch 1.29 Live

    We having some trouble getting the bots up, but im working on it Seems like blizzard changed some stuff in the end....
  15. GriefCode

    Voided stats

    Hey community, Before an rumors are starting, stats of our top player "viruz-" have been voided after being permanently banned for map hack. No, we have no affiliation with BK and their bans, we have our own evidences and replays that proof the usage of map hack. It was internally discussed for more than a week afaik. Thanks to @peanutbuddha does bring up the first evidence. Regards, Grief

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