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  1. GriefCode

    Ban Report: Ignore -Roll Mid

  2. GriefCode

    New ELO Top List

    Hey community, I've managed half of the work to revert the ELO rating for DotA. All the calculation stuff has been done and is processed. A temporary view of our new top list is this: As you can already note, we have the last activity field, which is a mandatory source for the top list. We will filter out any inactive users, to have a dynamic top list. Please note, this is only a temporary solution, as I do not have the collection for DotA stats done yet, that means, the collection of all kills etc. This is only a minor part and will be done today. Some minor side information (technical): Our process to move games to the storage database has been increased by 4.000%, we had a rate of 2 games/second and have now a rate of 80 games/second. This is extremely valuable as I could store all of our 200k+ games in less than a few hours. Our process of storing games has been increased by 100.000%, we had a rate of 1 game/second and we got now also 100 games/second. I recalculate all DotA stats in less than 30 minutes, that are around 120k games. This is insane. The magic behind the whole stuff was the usage of a factory pattern to capsulate the storage a lot better per game type. Patterns ftw. If anyone is interested in that whole process, our page is open sourced and it can be found here: https://git.ohsystem.net/projects/OHS/repos/ohstatsv2/browse/src/GameStorage In case you have not noted, we got a roadmap nowhere for our next steps: https://ohs.app/index.php/roadmap Greetings, Grief
  3. GriefCode


    Well im not getting the feedback overall as i expected. But i will setup the bot very soon.
  4. GriefCode


    The only new is this: http://www.mymgn.com/board/showthread.php?t=227796 We gotta wait, i guess.
  5. GriefCode

    Warcraft 3 HD Remaster - by fans

    Generally a nice project. But i am not sure if that is worth thr invested time on a dead game. What is the revenue for us providing a free bot? Greetings
  6. GriefCode

    Green Circle TD - Map Error

    Surely i can do that, I will need to find the maps first, we once had contact to the guy developing thoose, I will try to get in touch with him. Greetings and welcome to our forum Update1: The map has been patched to 12.0 for now, I will try to check whether there are more / newer maps. Update2: Seems like downloading does now work again, people are not getting kicked.
  7. GriefCode

    website for hostbot

    Afaik, there is no dota openstats 2.0? Except it is the version of the old one, just google for it, you might find it. To install, you need to: Download source Run composer install Configure the environment variables Install submodules for the source Install nodejs dependencies within the ohslive folder Install a certificate for the nodejs application Run the nodejs application in an production environment Install griefhost, this repo can be also found on that repository server Install submodule Install nodejs dependencies for the ohsclient Run the nodejs application in an production environment Configure the bot Run the bot I will not provide details for the steps as I do not have the time to explain each single stuff. Once i finished the overall wrapper of the page, i will create a tutorial. Greetings
  8. GriefCode

    website for hostbot

    Currently our ohstatsv2 website is under development and is open source available: https://git.ohsystem.net/projects/OHS/repos/ohstatsv2/browse You can search simply for openstats on google and will find a repository containing the same website as ent does have. But beware, they have a modified version and yoh moat likely need to adjust some stuff. It is also kinde old. Greetings
  9. Yes. We will recalculate all old stats.
  10. Its a mapping issue for the current elo system. Also fixed on the new system...
  11. No im fine. It is just missing motivation to recode that stuff. But i already started last weekend and im halfway thru. I wi finish it up next weekend i think.
  12. GriefCode

    Recieved a LOSS when we WON the game??!!

    Ive adjusted the winner on the source game. When the stats are recalculated, the winner will be correctly set. Please keep in mind that this will still take a while. Greetings
  13. Elo system is being rebuild and stats a recalculated soon. Greetings
  14. GriefCode

    Maphack by michal88

    Replay was not provided within the time, nor was the video related to the report itself. Closed.

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