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  1. Hey community, I assume most of you noted that I haven't pushed any changes over nearly 2 months now. I just stopped around 1 month ago the development generally as I got demotivated over the time, for several reasons. Before I start to mention them privately to the people who asked me on this, I decided to publicly announce it this time. One big factor is mostly about feedback on ideas, I tend to post a lot of stuff during the development phase of a patch or feature and mostly don't even get a hint what the players think about an idea. I want critic on stuff and ideas before I start to develop something, then I can most directly head it in a direction everyone does agree with. Another, an even bigger factor is, that our forum software just announced a deprecation on the login module I have integrated to the stats page. I basically spend over 5 days to get this integration working as the documentation and support is awful on that. And with one simple post, they just destroyed the whole work and time I invested into that. The blog post on the upcoming feature: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/43-sign-in-from-other-sites-using-oauth-r1058/ And the deprecation/removal of the current login system: https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/43-sign-in-from-other-sites-using-oauth-r1058/?do=findComment&comment=205575 This will require a lot of rework on the stats page, however, it will be a lot easier to integrate the login system. As I personally spent a lot of time on oAuth2 servers and clients with other projects. Additionally, I just thought about fully recode the page by using the new major version of our framework, which is a lot more modular and actually starts with a microframework. It was shortly released after I started the stats page. The factor that the login system is actually worth nothing, is pushing me more to the thought waiting for the release of the forum and start rather from scratch with the latest framework version, than working on something that is meant to be broken in some time. That does not mean all work till now is worthless, I mostly can copy over the whole things into the new system. I will also start integrating a front-end javascript framework when doing so, it does allow me to easier extend the whole page in the future. So I'm sorry for the delay and I hope the reason for that is understandable, I think the stats page is currently stable, except some stuff, which is minor for now, this is why I would leave it for now like it is. And yes, we will use the Christmas event tickets when everything is back in place and I finally could publish the new Elo algorithm. Greetings, Grief
  2. Tournament Bracket

  3. Farewell

    Sad to see that you are leaving us, the reason is nevertheless understandable. Please proceed the deletion request yourself, I cannot do that without deleting the whole content which would get lost. Thanks to @APO we finally have the correct option for allowing this: https://ohsystem.net/settings/deactivate/ Deleting an account has a grace period of 14 days, in which you can always recover the account. Best Regards and good luck in future, Grief
  4. Tournament Registration

    Anything other than tournament registrations have been hidden from this thread. If you have any comments on registrations please create a new topic and link to the post. This should keep this one clean. The tournament will participate on the OHS bot, however, I can consider adding another location which might could lower the latency overall. We will surely do some test runs prior to offer the best possible solution. And as mentioned, the bot will have a slightly lower latency setting then the public bots. More to be said once the registration has been closed. Greetings, Grief
  5. Ban request

    @Gajtan we are investigating further right now, please allow us some delay in handling this as we want to collect any incident that helps us out to find a correct measured punishment. Greetings
  6. DotA -ap

    Cent does easily counter that.
  7. DotA -ap

    Oh... I know that somewhere from. This is one of the reasons I refuse to host the new map. You now see a lot of advantages, but people that played LoD on this platform know about the permanent issues on bugs/crashes and randomness of errors. I want to avoid that the same will happen with dota. It was already annoying enough
  8. Game storage database schema

    Hey guys and thanks for joining once again a blog entry from me. After I change the whole database structure storing game information a while back, I created another blog entry on that, everything appeared perfectly fine. I had low query times for the database and everything was super fast. It looked like a perfect solution storing all in a single table. But... then I wanted to add one column to the game table. And suddenly I realized what a mess I just made there, the query to alter the table took forever, and couldn't even finish, as I had not enough space. So I investigated further. When altering a table, the whole database is stored into the memory of the server, the field is added and then completely saved back to the table itself. Probably after 120.000 games, the table was over 14GB, while the server had only 8GB RAM. So guess what, it could not finish the request. I found a workaround by copying the table structure, add the field and import in 20.000 steps the games to the new database and in the end rename it. But you can guess that this was just a terrible workaround which requires a better solution. After talking with some other people being interested in having the "ohstats.net" - website, I have noted per request on the stats page that I can change the database structure into a normalization method and make it a lot more modular. So new games can easily be extended to the stats page. The design was as simple as the idea: We have InnoDB, so make use of references, nearly everything is referenced across the databases now. Having new game types? Well easy to add, just imagine "dota" is already an additional game type. We are using a lot less database space, it could be reduced by around 53% of space. The queries are even faster, as the datasets are smaller overall and adding a new field to any table is done in less than some seconds. The whole system is already in use on the new Elo calculation which is presented on the development page: https://dev.ohstats.net/ All other game types require being moved also to the new system, which is most likely a quick task as it is easy to adapt. We will see on more data how the structure will work out later on, but I think this is currently one of the best solutions we can expect. Regards, Grief
  9. Guess that is more interesting for the self hosting option
  10. I just remember playing that in the past. I will take a look.
  11. Changes on Elo Rating

    And does grant you more points as more as you play, that's exactly what we want to avoid It should load now, probably it's something in the middle of the process, this is why the single player page looks a bit unfinished I haven't got yet any further idea managing the split content below the title container. Still tinkering around to find a solution I like. Greetings
  12. Vote-kick Abuse - alt

    That does not matter anymore, I don't see it as abuse, you know the rules and could have suggested the role, but you did nothing. The reaction to cancel the vote kick was may to late and you didn't notify you would leave mid. I got that, but I was wondering why this should be an abuse
  13. Vote-kick Abuse - alt

    What did i just read
  14. Changes on Elo Rating

    No, the voting draw should not affect it. When early leaver causing draw from the team with the higher win rate. I frequently saw that people tend to leave in order to avoid a loss as they got fairly out picked. The rest is totally correct. Hm, about none load of the top list, I would need to check it out, will do tomorrow probably. Greetings

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