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  1. Ah, that's nice. Thank for the fast reply!
  2. Hi there, I'm kind of sometimes used to block creeps (they ain't walking anymore) with Clock's cogs, but someone has told me that it was bannable since it was bug abuse. I've checked the rules but I need to be sure. Am I allowed to use Clock's cogs to block creeps? Thank a lot.
  3. Well, thank to all of you for getting interesting in. I have to say that I really thought it was a good idea but as I read your replies I must admit that maybe it's not that good. Nevermind. However I'd like to answer some users. It has nothing to do with being an easy process or not but just about extending features. Besides, yes it only takes three clicks but it still constrains player to launch his browser, navigate to DotA.Vision and sign in, and sometimes you only turn on your computer to play some games. I think just because something could be abused it should be banned isn't a good idea but I guess you are right since we are already abusing votekick very unfairly and oftenly. Anyway, you are right. About its implementation being possible or not, I think it is because if I'm not wrong Dotalicious Gaming (back in the days, yep!) had some commands that could interact with boards. (In fact, in my humble opinion we even can say that if sd can retrieve data from database so another command could be used to store data.) Making it available to certain players could have been great too, I agree, and it would definitely reduce abusing. About your Kakapo's note command that's exactly what I had in mind: when I need to report someone or to check if someone's used maphack I just type something like check in order to find it later quickly. Thank you for this full and elaborated comment. I did understand you well.
  4. Hi there, I was thinking about some command that probably could help a lot of us: !votereport <username> <reportReason> Its purpose as its name says would be to report a player in the board (by creating a new ban report thread) without leaving the game. (In my opinion that would be really useful since sometimes we just forget to report or are just too lazy to do.) Verified users would be able to use !votereport ingame and it'd require at least eight (8) (all users except reported one) players to submit report in board. What do you guys think?

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