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  1. monkeyrush

    unban please

    15 day ban for first offence for game ruin?? wow, excessive much, and zynk has 8 day ban for game ruin....haha wat a joke
  2. monkeyrush

    unban please

    oh you mean the game that tech refused to leave lane, and not actually do anything in the game to ruin?
  3. monkeyrush

    unban please

    Unban please, the first game i left was because player 'zynk' who was furi kept tele'ing to their fountain and feeding before game even started and wasted all his gold on ironwood branches. After the 3rd or 4th time he did i left because team wouldnt votekick him. the second game my cousin shutdown my dota because he couldnt use the computer. i dont leave games, and play them out. unban please. the other username 'luc_dongley" was in the same game as me and he is on same wifi as me, unban him as well please as he got banned due to me leaving.

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