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  1. NoStressDota

    [email protected] - 09/13

    lol im starting to see a pattern.
  2. NoStressDota

    New ELO Top List

    Great work. i havent been on ohs for a while. but i thot buubs was also permabanned
  3. NoStressDota

    Inhouse DotA League

    im sure if the bot is available, people will join.
  4. NoStressDota

    Working inventory Keys

    yall are cheaters. just click the inventory slot like a normal person
  5. NoStressDota

    My idea :)

    as much as i would like this, games take long enuff to fill without split.
  6. NoStressDota

    Storm- ban appeal

    Remove zeus from Dota
  7. NoStressDota

    ApplicaChen For ModeraChen

    support. its good to have more moderachen in game.
  8. NoStressDota

    In-game Colored Name

    yummy opportunity!
  9. NoStressDota


    zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz die of old age before this happens
  10. NoStressDota

    Swap team in-game idea

    no, i was able to swap teams IN GAME. it was switch command. but this was during the era of hosting by players not bots.
  11. NoStressDota

    Swap team in-game idea

    is it not possible because the bots host the game? I recall being able to swap players back in the day
  12. NoStressDota


    well arent you a handsome feller
  13. NoStressDota

    !checkall function

    the bot does not check after checking once smartypants. some peoples spike. even during long lobby waits. that way we can kick laggers who have already been kicked by bot, but keep rejoining with fluctuating pings
  14. Please let us be able to !checkall or the ping of people in the lobby. That way, if a lagger joins, we can do it and have them be autokicked. cool too see where people are from too, so we can be racist

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