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  1. Moderator request in DotA

    Hi Teddy Since I know you worked for another community for a longer time, I checked your comments / posts / replays here and some posts also there. I can't see a very bad behaviour on OHS (in-game). You should just try to avoid also the minor flames, even if the player isnt listening or playing well. Let's play some games more and add some comments on ban-reports (Votekickabuse / Flame) and we will discuss about you again for sure. !Support All in all I like your work as admin on another bot and hope you'll continue to do so if you get a chance here. Regards, Bee
  2. Mickee was the better one for sure..
  3. Battlenet Application

    Interested and thanks for invitation
  4. @Bee Simply the best out here.
  5. Tournament Bracket

    Ggwp Torsk. WP Torsk won https://ohstats.net/en/game/172756
  6. Need unban

    Denied by Crywolf. Ban stays. Your ban will expire in about 2 hours. After you and your brother will be able to play. Regards, Bee
  7. Tournament Bracket

    im bes sf ever played dota 1
  8. Tournament Bracket

  9. Support this community :)

    We already have a Facebook-page Maybe not the most active one, but there are updates from time to time. The question is, is it worth to post everything there too (Tours, updates etc..). Shall we promote our Fb-Page and get more followers? We should keep our page and maybe just work on it. Not a new one.
  10. Graou didn't start or vote for any votekicks. I would say he got 1 day ban for lesser flame. He didn't used excessive words in that game he got reported (compared games w/o overview. Working). For more infos, Cry has to answer you. In d4rk's game he started to flame sniper be4 the game started...
  11. Tournament Bracket

    Like in old Drb days bro Bee > Ember ggwp
  12. Tournament Bracket

    Damn dat 46 elo GGWP EZEZEZ!
  13. Tournament Q&A

    Embur show us some skillz bru

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