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  1. Bee

    Happy summer!

    Teddy isn't that bad-boy He prefers to play some cards with her..
  2. Bee

    Vote kick abuse Techies

    Hi @Rhonindexx00 No need. Timestamps just for mh-reports. I will take a look tomorrow after my shopping trip. Thx already for the report. Regards and good night Bee
  3. Bee

    Lanaya Refraction skill bugged

    I can't remember that I noticed some1 playing Lanaya for the last few months BARA PICKERS OVERALL!!
  4. Bee

    100% Maphacker Pudge( Janurj)

    Hi @BestmanEver We don‘t support hackers at all. First of all, note that we spend our time to improve your games and your comfort here snd all for free. To not spend hours on solving reports, you should add timestamps. You played the game and you know the situations much better then us, who see the game for the first time. So please take 5–10 mins to add some timestamps and a short comment. This informations will save us more than 70% of the time we would spend without them. In future add it or your mh-reports will be ignored. Regards, Bee
  5. It's quite the normal, old system. As more you stack, as lower elo-points you can gain. When the team is equal, every player gains/lose same amount of elo-points.
  6. Bee

    marfycz, aya abuse vk

    Hey @MarfyCZ I would like also to play decent games. We have to accept it and to learn to accept it. I can‘t create that higher elo-bot. You have to whisper Griefcode. My job was to solve fair the ban report, what I did in my oppinion and I think you‘d agree with me. So don‘t blame us for things we are not able to do. And believe me, Grief is workiing on a lot things to improve this place. Maybe the higher elo-bot isnt first priority, but I‘m sure he planed to do that. It isn‘t that we don‘t like good players or want them to go away, but you also started once with dota. Some people start 10 years later, it‘s never too late. Try to build up contact with Grief. Regards, Bee
  7. Bee

    Sentabrina gameruin

  8. Bee

    ban silencer

    Hey @sinbad Next time I won't overview the game anymore.. Pls give some background informations and timestamps. Not reports like this! Banned this time. Regards, Bee
  9. Bee

    Ban request

    Hi @CCMTeddyFLeX and @BestmanEver We all know purger.. Banned. Thanks for report, Bee
  10. Bee

    antistuck and gameruin: fukOHSnoobBan2

    Hi @singed420 I have no clue about LegionTD.. @CryWolf @bunek @GriefCode can yo help me with this one? Regards, Bee
  11. Bee

    Ban report -OHS- DotA -apem #91

    Hi @mr_retard Watched both sides. I would lovely ask you to stop do votekick-abuses in general. @BestmanEver Thanks for examples. No ban for both sides, since you do the same from time to time. Regards, Bee
  12. Bee

    Ban report Michal88

    Hi @Bee Thanks for report, Banhammer inc! Regards, Bee
  13. Bee

    marfycz, aya abuse vk

    Hey, just download it from the statspage. You can also via parser. Note: New players are welcomed here and the better ones should give some advices and not votekick them if they don't do it on purpose. Bee
  14. Bee

    Sentabrina gameruin

    Hallo Landsmann @yourMOMisUGLY It's true that every player has his own play-style but this one I sort as abuse. He didn't even want to play that game. Banned. Regards; Bee

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