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  1. yourMOMisUGLY


    @Bee Dankeschön!!
  2. yourMOMisUGLY


    idj_freak destroyed his items and left after 17min because 0-5 and he were insulted by crix who wasnt better in my opinion Regards
  3. yourMOMisUGLY

    Staff Application

    ban ruiners and idiots and u will get my worthless support
  4. yourMOMisUGLY

    Random idiots on Bnet

    bara tried to go s&y but sadly the game ended...
  5. yourMOMisUGLY

    Sentabrina gameruin

    First step was taken by banning you. Thanks for ruining the game.
  6. yourMOMisUGLY

    Sentabrina gameruin

    oh bee again moderator dankeschön! P.S. He said that a ban can't stop him so you have a look at potential ban avoid. BAN RUINERS AND MAKE DOTA GREAT AGAIN! regards UGLY
  7. yourMOMisUGLY

    Sentabrina gameruin

    https://ohstats.net/en/game/98287 After 20 min Sentabrina (Naix) refused to help the team. he wanted to !ff and play with some of his friends. he almost collected 4k gold and did nothing with it in case he leaves. He didnt defend rax. "Is the TIER BOT still a thing?" as it was the plan once when the community was called dota.vision ? Regards UGLY
  8. yourMOMisUGLY

    flame and hate

  9. yourMOMisUGLY

    Random idiots on Bnet

    is this a new hype guys?
  10. yourMOMisUGLY

    Random idiots on Bnet

  11. yourMOMisUGLY

    Mh detected

    give timestamps or nobody will have a look at it
  12. yourMOMisUGLY

    nikolay didnt take his pills

    pls read through chat. he was one of the worst players but had the biggest mouth. https://ohstats.net/en/game/92737
  13. yourMOMisUGLY

    Random idiots on Bnet

  14. yourMOMisUGLY

    Ban request

    hahah come here and report other for leaving but u aint better! Humanity at it's best! Ragequitted this game: https://ohstats.net/en/game/89254
  15. yourMOMisUGLY

    Random idiots on Bnet

    Stop this madness! Fail player insults otherplayer for not their mistakes...

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