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  1. echoo

    Maphacker - dvisionblows

    Game-link: https://ohstats.net/en/game/97688Offending player(s) lobby-number or color or ign: 4: yellow (legion commander)Time occured: all game Details(optional): min 10:14 seconds (blink in fog+ulti on slark) min 20:28 second skill on full hp lina while tiny in lothar preparing to engage + insta dmg return min 22:08 insta avatar on ww engage min 24:22 insta avatar on shadow stun from nessaj min 31:31 first skill on low hp ww tiny LastReplay.w3g
  2. echoo


    pe bune coaie 1 saptamana ban ca i-am ranit sentimentele unui feeder ratat care ne-a cerut sa ii dam kick dupa ce a iesit naix a terminat 1-9 pizda ratata jocul

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