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  1. DvisionBlows

    Hackers on ohs - obvious ones.

    Kinda obvious hacking
  2. DvisionBlows

    Hackers on ohs - obvious ones.

    You had no vision - Pro tip, turn of your mh. Easy to see it in the replay. But good excuse though.
  3. DvisionBlows

    Hackers on ohs - obvious ones.

    I'm making a thread here listing what i found so far by just playing a few games here and there at random. Most of them are obvious since they inform team/ping in the fog. Let's start out with the easiest ones, and then we move on to the harder ones. Please don't close the topic before im done with it. First one : Crysanthem - Except for the obvious fogclicks in the game (ctrl + c spam) the first thing he does is ping on top of me after only 1 min of playtime, most likely telling him team mines. Kinda funny move from a guy with a 1300 elo rating >< crysanthem hax.w3g
  4. DvisionBlows

    Team Cancer/No brain

    I guess mods are busy

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