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  1. ad1das

    MH .apolon.

    FD is one of the most unreliable source of checking mh also lika ayy sayd has alot of glitches
  2. ad1das

    Vote-kick Abuse - NaamaVanukka

  3. ad1das


    you forgot one of the bigest slark rapers rylai lvl 3 ulti with agha hf slark with your useless ulti
  4. ad1das

    Vote-kick Abuse - NaamaVanukka

    thats a good way to talk to moderators gives you really good credit (kicking this guy got us banned btw kappa) i wonder why we kicked you out of the game^^ could be the fact that after lane stealing mid lane from panda you as been the ignorant kid you are refused and dodged every team fight there was siting in jungle farming and after repeatedly asking you to actually do something you kept doing it but then again iw seen you in many games and thats what you do, what you doing is ruining you know that damn well you just been an ignorant little kid all you do is flame ppl 100 times better than you every game while doing absolutely nothing to help the team... its a shame to get banned from kicking a prick like you but i would do it again in same sitsuation. its funny how you flame ppl telling them to go fuck them self and how you fuck their mothers i bet in real life you are this squinty little nerd and you would fucking dare to even look ppl in the eyes Torilla tavataan!!!
  5. ad1das

    Vote-kick Abuse - NaamaVanukka

    in this bot you get banned for vking game ruiner who refuses to play the game TORILLE!

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