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  1. Hey guys, i think the outdatet ELO-SYSTEM of ur Dota-Bots need to get fixed. May anyone explain me why u dont get the represented elo score (!scores = ELO CHANGE) after game? I mean it's a welcome to stacked Teams to give them nearly the same amount of elo when they won. Eg. ELO: 20/ 7 team of 20 elo gain promised gets 7 elo. Team of 7 promised elo gets 4? How drunk u've to be to think that's an progressive ELO SYSTEM?! Suggestion: The !score comand shows the real gain of ELO It shows 20 ? SO damn give 20 elo else u will have more and more stacked teams... Further more ur !Draw command brings one of the team and elo GAIN of 12 rest -12? That's a bug u need to fix asap. Else ppl refuse to draw games for a good reason! No offense at all jsut some thoughts ... PEace!

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