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  1. sinbad

    unban please

    hey i got banned cuz of DC. New patch drives me crazy... i had many gamews without dc but sometimes ... Acc: hora-
  2. sinbad

    unban pls

    hey guys got baned cuz of DC. This new patch drives me crazy. Watch ethe game iw ould never plug there... i was winning:D Acc: oidaa greetossssss
  3. sinbad

    unban pls

    hey guys sorry i was afk my last game. Please unban. Acc: pausenhoflogik PS: will u ever change gamechat is shown at statspage?:D greetossssss dont pressure me to play BK :((
  4. sinbad

    ban player redscar

    Hey ban player Redscar he went OBV on purpose afk and even griefed his afk first 3 min... Reasons for purpose: 1. He said kick invo, we didnt and he raged. 2. he instantly joined new game. thanks.
  5. sinbad

    ban silencer

    hey silencer ruined game. ban him ty gN:https://ohstats.net/en/game/98784
  6. sinbad

    New elo system

    i mjust readin through the forum and see this ... what a typical toxic response to a serious meant question best entertainment but zero help
  7. sinbad

    statspage has no chat

    magst du dann einfach kurz es bei updates reinschreiben dann muss ich net immer gucken und werd aufs neue enttäuscht
  8. hi title says everyhting. May u change it? or u are on it? let me know:)
  9. Hey guys, i think the outdatet ELO-SYSTEM of ur Dota-Bots need to get fixed. May anyone explain me why u dont get the represented elo score (!scores = ELO CHANGE) after game? I mean it's a welcome to stacked Teams to give them nearly the same amount of elo when they won. Eg. ELO: 20/ 7 team of 20 elo gain promised gets 7 elo. Team of 7 promised elo gets 4? How drunk u've to be to think that's an progressive ELO SYSTEM?! Suggestion: The !score comand shows the real gain of ELO It shows 20 ? SO damn give 20 elo else u will have more and more stacked teams... Further more ur !Draw command brings one of the team and elo GAIN of 12 rest -12? That's a bug u need to fix asap. Else ppl refuse to draw games for a good reason! No offense at all jsut some thoughts ... PEace!

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