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  1. CCMTeddyFLeX

    Inhouse DotA League

    Great idea, i will support this idea! :) i will be on :D
  2. CCMTeddyFLeX

    Ban request

    Heyho, https://ohstats.net/en/game/99277 Many vk abuses against viper. All of them. Please ban, Thank you.
  3. CCMTeddyFLeX

    Ban request

    https://ohstats.net/en/game/98696 purger_21 flamer Both did, most time against me vk abuse, " Cuz i ks " And at least, i have more assist like them. But whatever, Please ban them, for some days. Thx, Regards
  4. Hello together, dear OHS community, I already did present pictures, on which i work with friend. This one, is from mine friend. This one is from me. Do you will want any pictures, on platform, or for yours " OHS " system? I can work with friend, some pictures for you.. All what i will needed is " What you want " and if you will have any picture, and want upgrade it, send it to me, and we will upgrade it. Hope you will like it. Regards
  5. CCMTeddyFLeX

    New idea for Ban requests!

    Hello together OHS Community! I write already you @GriefCode i have new idea, so i show it here Do some players, have enough of stupid " ruinners? Mhers? Afk griefers? " Do you want report them? Yes? I will show you easy work, how to do it. Just open stats page, and find your game. All what you will need to do is COPY THIS! 1. Your account in game name 2. Violators name 3. Gamelink of the game 4. Which rule violator/s broke EDIT: If you report maphacker, please watch the replay ( by yourself ) and give to us time steps. If you report maphack, without informations in ban request, the request could be solved without CHECKING!! Informations: If you report ruinners, or somebody who did afk grief, tell us time when it happened, and it will be more easier work for admins, and moderators, who should check it! Hope, you will like this idea, and maybe you will check it, and could work by that ^^ Yes i try something new. And want came, with new ideas! Thank you. Have a nice weekend. Kind regards! Teddy @CryWolf @krolm @Bee - check new idea
  6. CCMTeddyFLeX

    Ban request

    Hello dear OHS community, My account name: rzcbccm Violators name: sinbad Gamelink: https://ohstats.net/en/game/97413 Rule broken: Afk griefing ( in the end ) last 7 mins maybe more. Kind regards! Teddy
  7. CCMTeddyFLeX

    Ban request

    Hello dear OHS Community, https://ohstats.net/en/game/97159 "Scourge team" vk abuse many times " meepo " because we raped him hard, and he didn´t feed on purpose, or ruin. He play good, push creeps everything, what he should do. Please ban them, because they try vk him many times. Thank you. Have a nice day :) Kind regards, Teddy!
  8. CCMTeddyFLeX

    Happy summer!

    Hello dear OHS players, admins, and moderators Summer is here, and every one want a great times, with family, girlfriend, and friends. Just enjoy, chill and relax this vacation, and summer. Summer start, and football is still running, perfect combination! Drink, watch, relax, sometimes sex with Gf, what is missing to you? I think, nothing I know, i have do not post that, but i will. Enjoy every one summer, and you vacations Happy summer, and good luck. Take care on Vacation! With Kind Regards, Teddy
  9. CCMTeddyFLeX

    Ban request

    Good morning https://ohstats.net/en/game/96735 Enemy: Sentinel - many vk abuses against Axe ( For no reason ) Axe play good, try to be in every team fight, and they kick him without reason. Please ban them all Thanks, and have a nice day. Kind Regards!

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