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  1. https://ohstats.net/en/game/172920 https://ohstats.net/en/player/bambi23/uswest.battle.net https://ohstats.net/en/player/popopo123/useast.battle.net Riki: afk griefing in fountain Bara: item destruction, int feeding, afk griefing Min: 23 bara refuses to help; afk farms then destroys items at 28 mins in chat.
  2. The state of OHS

    I've found the communities of RGC and Mymgn to be quite active.
  3. Game Id: https://dota.vision/sharedStats/recentGames/?do=single&id=55701 Lord. went afk and destroyed his items. My team just gave up and lacked skill to even mount a 1/2 decent defense. Our necro was poison and just fed kills then destroyed his items and then sat in the fountain for the remainder of the game.

    Sorry I missed this; but I inhouse occasionally with clan HDZ players. I have a hectic work schedule so I'm not always online.

    We all have noobs. I prefer a team with at least 1-2 people who have >1.0 k/d; elo means nothing.
  6. In-game Spoof like APO has?

    ? usually we draw if it's 4v5.
  7. In-game Spoof like APO has?

    No, I'm NEast on Dota-void and ENT. @NoStressDota
  8. In-game Spoof like APO has?

    I want to be purple NEast How can we make that happen?
  9. Game RUIN WUFF

    Voker is nerfed in 6.83d.
  10. Record Games with Leavers so we can submit bans

    The games for bigbadvoodoo were eventually recorded.
  11. Bigbadvoodoo left two games in a row
  12. Host Dota Allstars 6.85m?

    Just played 6.85m on dota-void. Didn't see any bugs during the game. You can double-click on salves, clarity potions, and urn and they worked just fine. http://www.dota-void.com/forum/index.php/topic,23477.0.html

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