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  1. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    @BeeCongratulations! You are 100th replyer on BABA's topic "maphack by michal88'. As a reward, GrieCode will get you that honor to ban IP of the michal88 also known as "the pigeon". Effort and persistance are allways worth it! Just go ahead, and continue like that. Sincerely Yours, Association of forum trollers and michal88 haters, "BABA, Techa & Co"
  2. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    @Storm- Hang in there! You are stronger than you think! My heart and thoughts are with you today! Never stop looking for the rainbow after the Storm- . The sun will shine again.
  3. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    We will ask the great Dynamo to help!
  4. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    And yes, you are missing something! Guess what..
  5. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    @Storm- Here is the explanation just for you! I hope that Baldricks dictionary will help you to understand that pudge has the same meaning as slark, so that confirms pudge(nick=bf_pero) is actualy michal88. Confusion is bad, okaaay!
  6. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    Finaly i succeeded to download the replay and post it to youtube. Five whole days I was trying to download the game and catching error constantly until I saw that briliant last posted GIF from my favorite "advanced" forum member Storm-, also known as Stormy Daniels. I laughed loudly and then magic happened. I downloaded the replay. In this video below, I singled out 6 minutes of hard maphacking by michal88 He was playing with slark in this game and constantly chasing my mate sven, also known as BABA. It maybe looks like he is playing with pudge in this video clip, but believe me, his maphack is so hard that he can deceive you totaly. He whisped me that famous magician Dynamo learned him that. Also his nickname bf_perro is a maphack deception. Thanks for reading and ffs give us the real fucking replay!
  7. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    Hehehe, suck my ! A joke to the side, well said BABA! Ur sexy!
  8. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    @sentabrina I suppose ur a girl if(!girl) { } else{ }
  9. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    Ban The Pigeon!
  10. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    @YamiBakura32 @BABA_iz_SRBIJE Maybe he has some animal intuition to guess your position with 100% precision. Then he must be some further descendant of Nostradamus, Gandalf the Grey or Harry Potter. The things he is doing are in the same level like magic or alchemy or maybe clairvoyance. Or maybe he is just a pigeon. Pigeons have briliant navigation system. More explanations about pigeon navigation you can find at: http://theconversation.com/explainer-how-do-homing-pigeons-navigate-25633
  11. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    Dont close this topic! I want to see more of that brilliant GIFs from my favorite "advanced" forum member, also knows as "wanna be funny" guy, alias Stormy- Daniels. @Bee Brate sacekaj da doguramo bar do 1000 pregleda
  12. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    Ahahahaha Ali brate mora ovaj michal88 da se banuje. Koriti mh 100 %. Kad dobijemo replay, postavicemo time stamps. I naravno, ocekujem da se paradoks.kg javi.
  13. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    @Gajtan Au bre Gajtane Srbine, pa ti ne provaljujes uopste da ih przimo ko papane sve vreme! Iz zajebancije nastalo 804 pregleda do sada; BABA se registrovao pre 24h i najpopularniji kontributor meseca A ovog Stormishu sam morao malo da nagazim, decko je stvarno dosadan ko jutarnji proliv, a i uopste nema smisla za humor.
  14. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    @bunek Bro, I was iritated with his flooding of this topic where we want to prove something which is a pain in the ass of most of us, and that is maphacking by michal88. What is the point of playing dota on this bot, when someone has such a big advantage knowing always your position on the map. There is no point. It is senseless almost like trash flooding GIFs of "wanna be funny" guy, also known as "advanced" forum user Storm-- (but I call him different). Btw, we did not ignored no one, we wrote previously that we cant download the map, because download option is out of service, as you can see in this topics history. And what about nationality? It is a fact that he is a Turk who lives in Britain, so he is not a Martian. Neither am I a Martian. I am a Serbian and it is not an insult to call me Serbian guy. I am proud to be Serbian as he should be proud to be Turk. If someone behave as a scum he can be French scum, Serbian scum, British scum etc... Scum is an insult, not nationality. And I dont remember I called him a "scum". Also, you can not provoke someone and when provoked side react, to accuse only the side that reacted, and provoker still stays "advanced" member who just wanted to play a bit. Now its all. Regards.
  15. DiscoTecha

    Maphack by michal88

    @bunek Block this "turko british wanna be funny" guy (girl or transgender maybe to respect gender equality) from this topic! Warn him, block him, give him a kebab, marry him, whatever! We are enough of his presence and "humor" here. Just flooding this topic with unnecessary things. And give us a replay of the game we requested!

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