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    Game Ruiner - ladres1

    Sorry but I didn't figure out how to post this as it doesn't really fit the examples. This ladres1 plays a lot of Legion x10 and every time leaves round 1 if he doesn't get proton. Seriously, if you can, check his stayratio. It has to be under 5%. There are many players angry because of him already in the game lobby as they know he is going to leave and it's not possible to !votekick in game lobby. We tried to reason with him as he understands English and sometimes even writes something, but if you try that, he will ignore you. Please, give this monkey a banana as he obviously desires it and if you need more information just tell me what to do and I'll be happy to provide it. Thanks
  2. r3450n

    [email protected] - 02/07

    Right. Thanks! See ya
  3. In-game-name"@"realm: [email protected] Ban date: 02/07 Cause of ban: autoban Plea: My router started to overheat which caused me to drop out of a few Legion TD x10 games in a row. It's possible I fixed it by adding an active cooler, but there's only one way to be sure it can manage the traffic. It pisses me off cause I never leave if there isn't a technical issue and I have over 95% stayratio on all other bots. Also, I'm a former admin of clan.de although I'm not German. Please, be so kind and unban my account. Thanks in advance I've just connected without being unbanned? interesting

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