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  1. atlevi

    Inhouse DotA League

    This sounds really interesting!!
  2. atlevi

    Ban purger_29

    Man that's sad. Yeah, he was just bothering me mid lane eeven though I called it and he kept laying mines there with techies and taking creeps etc. !ignore wouldn't have worked but I see what you mean!
  3. atlevi

    Ban purger_29

    I am usually very patient and usually never report people but I just have to try get Purger_29 banned. He constantly and I mean CONSTANTLY flamed and tried to VK pretty much everyone in our team... Here is the game link, I did not include timestamps because It's not even necessary at this point, he just flamed constantly. Please ban him /Atlevi [#99473] -OHS- DotA -apem #11
  4. I seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  5. I have a question lol.... So Imagine the scenario where you play for example pudge and you're facing a barathum. You have Etheralblade and barathum has Linkens and blademail. Let's just say for example that barathums linkens is active and he has activated his blademail. When I do my etheral blade on him his linkens will obviously shut it down but will I take damage because he has his blademail on?? Like even though he won't take damage because of linkens will I take damage because he has his blademail on?
  6. atlevi

    Lanaya Refraction skill bugged

    Could we all just take a moment and appreciate the comments in Bune's GIF
  7. atlevi

    Elo problem

    Well that's just sad right there innit
  8. atlevi

    Elo problem

    She dose for sure matey, fucking dosing like no1 else, I know storm some1 has to give some accurate information
  9. atlevi

    Elo problem

    Sounds sweet mate, It is actually Indiana Evans, she is fine aaaaaaafffff @Storm- This is Drama btw @GriefCode Doing a hella job here mate
  10. Wasssuppp, so I played a game earlier this day ([#98711] -OHS- DotA -apem #52) but did not receive any elo =(. Any ideas what's wrong? Also, kinda strange but for some reason 4 players are mising in the game and did not gain nor loose elo to my knowledge.

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