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  1. Rythor

    Inhouse DotA League

    Thank you Grief, looking forward to playing DIHL. Loving OHS games so far, great bot service
  2. Rythor

    Ban purger_29

    Actually the VK system on OHS actually works perfectly unlike the other DOTA services. The team decides when to kick ruiners. So when I played with him we just kicked him instantly, it was actually pretty funny lol. I am loving OHS so far he is the only thrower i've come across. The rest of the community has been great
  3. Rythor

    All who are in favour of playing dihl say i

    Yes looking forward to it! So far I am very surprised that the normal OHS games are very fun and the people actually play as a team. Thank you OHS for providing a great service to keep WC3 gaming alive! See you guys in a DIHL game soon!
  4. Rythor

    Creating DIHL for OHS?

    Yes let's do it, we have a clan with a lot of good players to add for OHS to grow. and we can start doing DIHL games will be very fun

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