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  1. WiTChCraFT

    All who are in favour of playing dihl say i

    Eye aye
  2. WiTChCraFT

    Creating DIHL for OHS?

    Normal is subjective.
  3. WiTChCraFT

    Creating DIHL for OHS?

    Anti is flaming! He doesn't understand that plauers that didn't apply for voich may still play dihl under dihl rules. He and others abuse their vouch status to create drama. So childish... you say they banned me from dihl? More like got butthurt over my win record.
  4. WiTChCraFT

    Inhouse DotA League

    Supporting this! CD is a fun mode Mark me ([email protected]) as very interested
  5. WiTChCraFT

    Creating DIHL for OHS?

    Slipperyslark has my full support for the DotA inhouse League for OHS. ENT's League is corrupt and toxic to put it lightly. Slipperyslark has been the most calm and polite DIHL mod to ever grace ENT and they screwed everything up when it could have easily been maintained as a means for serious DotA games. He has always been mature even when him and myself were competitive. His attitude has always been positive and he never disrespects others, ENT on the other hand... well just go over there on a smurf account and see how ignorant it is. Let's revive this game!

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