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  1. AyyLmao

    Inhouse DotA League

    Cd? Me(bigboybigboy) usually put those in my car when i vroom vroom. But i can be 1 captain since me (bigboybigboy) know/have seen/can name everii hero perfectly. (Sometimes) Vouch me and we can play some dota 🙂
  2. AyyLmao

    Inhouse DotA League

    Hai, Me(bigboybigboy) think me(bigboybigboy) can play with the big boys. My favorite heross are the shadowfrog, baro-the angry cow, the racist duel man and the pig with clones and fishing hobbies. All these heroes big skills needed, and i do belive becuz off that yes me(bigboybigboy) can play with the big bois. Hello, btw do we play APEM or any other pro mode? I can do 40 cs in 12 mins (yes im that good, ent players) or are we gona do something else?
  3. AyyLmao

    Hero Guide number #1

    1. buy wards. 2. buy courier. 3. dont feed. 4. = Get above 3k mmr True story
  4. AyyLmao

    Lanaya Refraction skill bugged

    Hah, help is always appreciated, but its only bugged since it should be e.g 4 hits and 4 blocks. I have played a lot of lanyan when it was in meta many years ago.
  5. AyyLmao

    Lanaya Refraction skill bugged

    Did play lany few @CryWolf few weeks ago, and did notice this too. Dota 1 lany bugged anyways too xd
  6. AyyLmao

    100% Maphacker Pudge( Janurj)

    Bro im so good guesser that i dont need to do that, but i can do that.
  7. AyyLmao

    100% Maphacker Pudge( Janurj)

    Let me guess, pudge did some hooks where there was vision (wards etc) or it was obvious someone was there, but u didnt bother to see/check replay instead you chose to rage report.
  8. AyyLmao

    Ayylmao MH CONFIRMED

  9. AyyLmao

    New Elo System Plan (Finally)

    Old elosystem be like : Oh you have 1300 elo and u have worse avarage team elo. Looks like -15 elo to you lmao
  10. AyyLmao

    marfycz, aya abuse vk

    If we had a bot for only good player it would only be played by godlike players like @Bee and @CryWolf.
  11. AyyLmao



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