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  1. AyyLmao

    The 1000th-Topic

    Yee man that guys english was beyond godlike
  2. AyyLmao

    The 1000th-Topic

    Draw equal lose
  3. AyyLmao

    Canceling the tour

    In all of our hearts we know that team autism won.
  4. AyyLmao

    Random idiots on Bnet

    20 cs in 26 mins. Only in OHS
  5. AyyLmao


    Hai kunkka, i c u is angry boy so here is a guide how to win 99% of apem games in public. Step 1: say 'i mid' Step 2: say your allies to pick bara and/or techies Step 3: see what enemy pick and counterpick Step 3.5 if u dont know how to counterpick here is a quick guide. Enemy pick bara → pick clock Enemy pick slark → pick sky,lina,storm,dest atro Enemy pick lc → pick sky, lina, storm,dest Enemy pick meepo→ pick ember, es, ww or wd Step 4. Play above avarage Step 5. Win game You can also skip steps 2-4 just by picking arc or meepo every game or by stacking. Alsoalso get gud scrub
  6. Stack less, play better.
  7. AyyLmao

    Changes to Elo rating

    Think youre doing excellent job with this new elo system grief. Because everone knew that if lapio is rank 1, maybe the elo system is not right.
  8. AyyLmao

    To learn

    Sup, Np for the video hope it solved this case
  9. AyyLmao

    To learn

    Hey, its you boi EmBeRboi so i was just browsing and stuff and noticed that we have some autism going on here. First of all i'd like to say that u cant use skills that need a target in fog. (even with mh) For example bara's charge or svens stun 2nd of all i think you have going full autismMode as sometimes u do tchim. Animation of linkens activation and actually dodging a spell is not the same. It happens few secs after that. Prolly thats why u got it messed up or somthing. The easist way to see when the linkens acutally goes off is the click mirana and watch his passives. (at the bottom) and see when linkens goes off. And it denffelty goes off b4 mirana enters fog. Your lover. EmBeRboi
  10. AyyLmao

    Tournament Bracket

    Gg, im such bad laner ecpecially with sf xd. Hopefully we can do some team-tournaments in the future!
  11. AyyLmao

    Tournament Bracket

    I am actually kind of insulted this guy even asks for rmk. Elites leave had nothing but good effects on his game. He had more gold tha i did even tho i had more and i made first blood. Elite dcd like 30 second after he did die to fb. So saying elites dc had something to do with 'lag' he had is pretty much bullshit. I think this is just salt for throwing game after good early game.
  12. Heya bois and grills As some of you know i have this annoying delay which makes me unable to play here frequantly. Today when i played sf turnemnt and admin placed 50ms latency i had no delay at all. Could it be possible to place that 50ms latency at the apem bot so i could play here? I also know many other people have have this problem and that makes em unable to acticely play here like mr @Buubs Ty in advance @CryWolf @GriefCode
  13. AyyLmao

    Tournament Bracket

    Torsk vs ayylmao Ayylmao wins https://ohstats.net/en/game/173527 Gg wp torks, defentlh would have lost that game if i have had delay like usual
  14. AyyLmao

    Tournament Bracket

    When next game?

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