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    -OHS- DotA -apem #7 https://ohstats.net/en/game/101686 17.52 on replay timer : he goes straight on warlock 26.45 : he goes stratight on me 30.09 : he doesnt see sniper on fog but has mask of madness klicked before seing him 30.34 : then he goes right on warlock after that 31.39 !; i hide with lothat on woods, he goes straight on woods. of course he couldnt see me from his point, it was a test. CLEAR MH -OHS- DotA -apem #7 I CAN CONITNUE ON OTHER STAMPS BUT THE LAST ONE IS ENOUGH FOR MH
  2. -OHS- DotA -apem #51 https://ohstats.net/en/game/101376 just_me. vk kick at start and the others kicks. Ban plz

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