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  1. khan

    website for hostbot

    okay thanks , I will wait for your tutorial
  2. khan

    website for hostbot

    @GriefCode also I would like to know how can I install this (ohstatssv2)
  3. khan

    website for hostbot

    do you know how I can download Dota openstats 2.0, I tried to look for this but cant find it DotA OpenStats 2.0
  4. khan

    website for hostbot

    Hello there, does any one know how to work with website, I am hosting legion td with ELO, scores but I would like to make it show on my website that I am working with. Here is my website http://playwarcraft.tk/ I would like to add 1) Highest ELO = this shows players with highest ELO 2) Most Wins = this shows players with most wins 3) Most Games= this shows players that played most games 4) I would also like to add Games = that will show games that have been played 5) Current games = this shows live players inside the games 6) Admin = show admins 7) Bans = show player name , time , date and reason for ban if anyone can help me I would really appreciate it here is an example of something similar I would like https://entgaming.net/openstats/

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