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  1. kantarion

    Warcraft 3 HD Remaster - by fans

    Hello , this modification only visually change existing . its a graphical cosmetics of existing, without chaning any gameplay,data,duration of spells,maps etc.Its not possible to change gameplay and play online anyway I call it warcraft 3 remaster - by fans . Cause it is made by fans , not by blizzard . This mod can be downloaded on page i provided . Goodluck
  2. kantarion

    Warcraft 3 HD Remaster - by fans

    Woah, i didnt know it works like that We are trying actually to revive a dead game...When bots came out ,idea was kinda similar, cause bnet looked so empty for a long period of time So what ravenue i need to fullfill for 1 month bot ?
  3. Hello all good people . My name is kantarion and i want introduce all warcraft players with HD total conversion mod for Warcraft III . You may hear for Warcraft : Armies of Azeroth - a warcraft style mod playable on Starcraft engine . Now it is avaliable to be played in Warcraft 3 - published by Warcraft Rebirth team (sub mod of armies of azeroth guys) All of nostalgic and current players should get more info about this projects . For download you can visit this page https://www.moddb.com/mods/warcraft-rebirth Here you can check album of ground textures personally made by me : https://imgur.com/a/WMp60hc More usefull links are warcraft underground a site that has a database of models for wc3,riped from wow or hots or custom made . And other links like Warcraft Armies of Azeroth vk page and Reborn (Abandoned project) - but we Rebirth ,spiritually inherit them to support Armies of Azeorth team - which is a leading boss. http://warcraftunderground.freeforums.net/ https://vk.com/war3_reborn https://vk.com/waa_mod And finally my suggestion to the owner of bots is next : Is it possible to create a bot 24/7 promoting moddb page in lobby: https://www.moddb.com/mods/warcraft-rebirth (supporting with info before it like ,,download or google Warcraft 3 Rebirth mod,,) And for the game name : Warcraf 3 HD Remaster - by fans . Or game name Warcraft 3 High Quality mod For game name we will discuss . Just need an answers from bot owners,moderators... Tnx again for leting me post this guys

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