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  1. Ahlstrom

    Good people of OHS

    Hey everyone I'm sure you don't miss me. I certainly don't miss any of you. JK you're all great. At least OK. Sometimes. JK. I'd just like to say a proper goodbye to this wonderful community. For those of you who don't know me, I used to help out as a moderator for a bit more than a year, doing this and that. A couple of months ago I decided that DotA was a too big part of my life, and therefore I threw away my WC3. This is why you have not seen me in a while. As usual, feel free to contact me on Facebook if you ever need anything! This is goodbye *drama*. Ciao!
  2. Ahlstrom

    Rethinking ELO calculation

    Hmm would this work? Especially since ELO-change as of now is calculated before each game and for the team as a whole. Do you mean that each player would get a calculated ELO-change before each game? I've seen people dodge games a lot less just because they are not as worried about their scores anymore. I think that is a step in the right direction. My advice is to not think too much like this. In easy mode, the support role doesn't really have a role of supporting the carry. Rather, it's more of a disabling role ONLY. Try playing a couple of games in non-easy-mode and you'll see what I mean (i know you don't play dota though ) Merry Christmas!
  3. Ahlstrom


    thank you! happy birthday to you too and everyone else!
  4. Ahlstrom

    Introduce my self

    Wow I thought floor ball almost exclusively only excised in Sweden It's a damn fun sport! Also. Welcome! If you ever have some questions or need help with something, feel free to contact anyone but me
  5. Ahlstrom

    Binary Resignation // Good Bye

    Best of luck in the future, Binary! Take care!
  6. Ahlstrom

    Admin application

    I do not support, sorry. Your behavior in games has not improved and I would personally not want to give you moderator privileges atop of this. Maybe I don't really have much say though since i quit being a moderator. But for your sake let's hope moderators and admins disagree with my opinion Much love from Ahlstrom
  7. Ahlstrom

    Animal SecChen !

    This is my wife's dog, Doggo. On the picture, he's on a vacation to Spain. Btw, he was born at IKEA!
  8. stop this toxic talk about dota 2
  9. Ahlstrom

    My some AREM games

    I love playing arem games. A lot more fun than apem! Makes for a whole different game. The problem is that the dota 1 community is small, and i don't think the demand is high enough for arem games to fill up. We've tried hosting arem before and it didn't work
  10. Ahlstrom

    Remove Bunek as admin!

    Bunek is a veteran moderator that has been here for a very long time. He puts a huge amount of time in to judging ban reports and appeals and without him, this bot would not be as good as it is. I've personally never seen him judge unfairly ever, and I respect him a lot. Modeators are VERY restrictive when it comes to kicking people from a game. We never kick a player unless there's a valid reason like for example "feeding on purpose" or "buying mass couriers". If someone is new to the game, feeds, but stills plays his best, there's no reason at all to kick that person from the game. Best regards Ahlstrom
  11. Ahlstrom

    Admin application

    Hey @KUNKKA- my fellow compatriot! I've played a couple of games with you and you seam like a cleaver guy in general, but unfortunately I've also experienced some flame - never towards me, to me you're always nice - but against others in the game. For this reason I will not support your application as of now. It can be really challenging to always stay positive and judge fairly when people know you are a moderator and I'm not sure the time is right just yet. I agree with CryWolf though that you can try again in the future. We will consider your behavior on forum and in games in the meantime by reviewing replays. We will of course also consider behaviors from games from before as well. I think your reason for wanting to become a moderator is good, and i think you're mature enough (yea you ARE older than me) to handle a position as a moderator so let's see again in a month. Best regards Ahlstrom
  12. Ahlstrom

    Big thanks

    Someone from Greece really shouldn't accuse anyone of having someone else money, if you know what I mean

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