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  1. God_hate_us_all

    Bigger elo bot

    Hi Grief,with all due respect i am now officialy aksing you in the my and name of i am sure many others here. Please do change one of unused bots for some +elo league for sake of the DotA. I am realy trying to positive and all but games here turning in more pain in the ass than in fun time,we are all more then overhead with guys like making lion with basher and some other examples seen here. Try to help them is not a valid argument because they never listen. i think we all here share same goal to play some good dota and have some fun,so please atliest test this idea even if it is just over 1k elo requiered to play. i am realy losing any passion for dota after 14 years because noobs,when i play alone i get gameruiners,when i play with a friend then its a too easy. We realy need some balance and separation so we can enjoy game once again. looking forward to comments. Regards your God
  2. God_hate_us_all

    Christmas Event

    say it canot be claimed yet
  3. God_hate_us_all

    Christmas Event

    page doesnt work cant get ticket :(((
  4. God_hate_us_all

    Unban please

    Smaranje didnt take any item from the leaver,they were team sold. http://dotaparser.ru/view_replay.php?file=1511878378.w3g Ban stay.
  5. God_hate_us_all

    The state of OHS

    even with 1k elo team if your elo is high enough you will get 3,i am playing solo mostly and thats realy [email protected]$% to lose so much points because of your team throwin,and to win that 25 elo back u must win 5,6 games
  6. God_hate_us_all

    The state of OHS

    you never play for 0 elo,check stats page and you will see it,u can win from 3-4 points to like 20 or even more for win in any game.I find this system a lot better,old one was cmon,u win game get 2-3-4 points,u lose BOOM -25 or more
  7. It shows elo comparation between 2 teams,but at the end of game you allways get altiest 3-5 points because it is personal stating now,and not for a team.
  8. God_hate_us_all

    The state of OHS

    I have never waited more than 2-3 mins for game to start,only after 3am.For that developing thing,Patience is very good virtue,we have all basics we need and even more than that.I was personaly skeptic in Griefcode's work as well,but now i see how much effort ,skills and time he did for this place,liest we all owe him is a little trust and patience.As you can see we have most functional and very well designe of the forum,and it is being updated daily.And about that players number issue,i think it is because kids usaly play new moba's and dota is for us old school players who have matured enough to start work,have girlfriend,real problems etc so we cant put so much time in it as we were few years ago.And i am sure that we can organise some tournament again on inhouse games when time comes for it such as summer breaks holidays or something,when all people have pause with their school/collages or other stuff.
  9. God_hate_us_all

    Lets laugh

    @The-EGS-TV watched both clips before,but one with terrorists is brutal !
  10. they are only randomed and repicked after that for slark bara sniper only few of us here playing all heroes seems no1 cares about good game and fun anymore ,go go stack wins
  11. it will just mass slark/bara/lc pickers i think
  12. God_hate_us_all

    Lets laugh

    this one ?
  13. Unnecesary and unreliable if you ask me,you cant judge supports play by k/d/a ,also having most kills with any hero doesnt need to mean that guy played him best,he could just mass kill steals or smth.nothing against this,but also not for it since i dont see any good or bad side for this additional stating.
  14. God_hate_us_all

    Lets laugh

    Hahaha i love damn goats,they are incredible,going places

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