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  1. Buubs

    Mh detected

    He is feeder. Doubt he mh
  2. Buubs

    Roof Bug

    Bug that makes 3rd most annoying to play against hero bad? We must fix this fast Kappa 😁
  3. i mean ohs players By all time and all bots i can throw few names. Sasuke, Souwleye, -_-Toad-_- , AMPHENAMITE, Burning
  4. Gajtan or Viruz- is 2nd best prolly
  5. Buubs

    Stat transfer

    so stat transfer possible?
  6. Buubs

    Stat transfer

    Transfer stats from Buubs - Europe to Kdbebrks -Europe. Thank you
  7. Yo Some1 stole my bnet account Buubs. Is there a way to transfer my stats from Buubs to other so i can continue where I left last time i played.
  8. Buubs

    My DotA movie :)

    Please ban this ayylmao. too good for this bot
  9. Buubs

    Storm live gameplay

    Proves just as much as the replay that got me banned.
  10. Buubs

    Storm live gameplay

    Yes I have 4 extra buttons in mouse.

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