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  1. i mean ohs players By all time and all bots i can throw few names. Sasuke, Souwleye, -_-Toad-_- , AMPHENAMITE, Burning
  2. Gajtan or Viruz- is 2nd best prolly
  3. Stat transfer

    so stat transfer possible?
  4. Stat transfer

    Transfer stats from Buubs - Europe to Kdbebrks -Europe. Thank you
  5. Yo Some1 stole my bnet account Buubs. Is there a way to transfer my stats from Buubs to other so i can continue where I left last time i played.
  6. My DotA movie :)

    Please ban this ayylmao. too good for this bot
  7. Storm live gameplay

    Proves just as much as the replay that got me banned.
  8. Storm live gameplay

    Yes I have 4 extra buttons in mouse.
  9. Pot4win abusing

    I can post live game play if you want. is there a way to upload mp4 files on forum? I can also make youtube video if that is fine
  10. Pot4win abusing

    You cannot be serious. The 25 min part was a 50% luck 50% skills. Spectre had slow ms and it was odd i could not see him while running towards his tower. There were not many possibilites on where he was going. 29 min part. Krob was 100% dead and it was obvious there might be other people near trying to help him. 33 min part. Risk/Reward ratio is not even close on that situation. It was 99% safe move and i were so much faster than the nortrom. Also if you were smart you could see I tried to kill the nort with fast combo so more enemies cannot come help him. There were no enemies near so that was a bad move and i should have gone with slow combo and kill him without a fail i did with the fast combo. Cannot watch the replay for some reason so cannot be 100% sure what i was doing on those moments. I suggest some good players check the replay and give imput. (gajtan, duflo, Kunkka-)

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