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  1. Tournament Bracket

    i am ready tomorrow
  2. Tournament Registration

    Heya guys. I am back Battlenet name: LAPIO Realm: Europe TY. ED.
  3. WHY?

    heya guys. why? TY. ED.
  4. Its possible now for 10 top players ? TY. ED.
  5. Lag

    yes hard lag in all games
  6. DVStats v1.08

    Hahahaha that game i lost and i lost -14 elo, its only a picture error.
  7. DVStats v1.08

    There are so many errors, for example Id:lucho14k He has 8wins/20loses. He has 2045elo and i have 1906elo. TY. ED.
  8. Statspage changes

    Heya @GriefCode I would like to see favori heros, items and when you finish a game i would like to see items from all players. TY. ED.
  9. Statspage changes

    Heya babys. I am 1top i finished my chanllenge ????
  10. My DotA movie :)

    Yes of course but he could use 8 spells ssme time. Tinker: 4 spells for hero+ dagger+ dagon+ ghost scepter +Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse and boots travel. ( I cant do same moves with my normal keyboard). I lost againts him because he always did the same moves all the time. Then can he be banned? TY. ED. If you dont say something that help me. Pls shut up. I dont like to talk with you.
  11. My DotA movie :)

    Ohhh really? But how its possible tinker can do some many moves or inkover in the same time? Three days ago i played againts tinker and he can do it, if you arent sure you can see the replay. Can he be banned for his automatics moves?
  12. My DotA movie :)

    Heya guys, how can i use the automatic keyboard for invoker, tinker, meepo and other heros? Because its more easy to play like this but i dont know how. TY. ED.
  13. IDEAS

    More errors
  14. IDEAS

    hi guys. can you update this error? i whould like to see the right information. TY. ED.

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