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  1. sentabrina


    What negative impact?
  2. sentabrina

    Trolling,Flaming,Afk,Vk Abuse,Leaver

    I agree with Codey, to unban everyone. We are all newbees. I appologize to YamiBakura32 for flaming Let's be bros and have fun in games.
  3. sentabrina

    Trolling,Flaming,Afk,Vk Abuse,Leaver

    There are situations when you may say "MORON" and they are not insulting. It is exactly how it was in this game. Everyone was exhausted. There were people ruining the game and people carrying it. Now Meepo create this report based on me saying MORON to void right after he vkabused against sniper. I did not say !yes and saved him. Now how meepo speaks to void, Take a look: 13:37 SentAbrinA: vk abuse 13:41 Lox+E: geo say yes 13:43 SentAbrinA: moron 13:46 YamiBakura32: i said yes moron 13:49 YamiBakura32: mother fucker Next flame: 14:20 YamiBakura32: mother fuckers Now everyone is "motherfucker" Next insult: 14:28 Mr_moron: bara is my friend4 15:31 YamiBakura32: mother fuck 15:33 YamiBakura32: i play 3v1 15:38 Mr_moron: me a nap? 15:48 YamiBakura32: why the fuck those 2 nobs are noobs 15:51 YamiBakura32: 0-4 level 5 15:52 Mr_moron: why u insult me? 15:55 YamiBakura32: 0-3 level 5 15:01 Mr_moron: i am not a moron 15:03 YamiBakura32: report 15:05 YamiBakura32: report void 15:15 Lox+E: !ignore yam Davion aka Mr_Moron is getting hard insults! 21:30 YamiBakura32: lol 21:32 YamiBakura32: nobs Again vs everyone. Next is vs. Techies aka LION 29:33 YamiBakura32: PICE OF SHIT All game he was flaming people and making this game hard to play. Now I am loosing my nerves!! 44:40 SentAbrinA: meepo 44:46 SentAbrinA: you are retard You deserve ban yamibakura32 for your flame
  4. sentabrina

    Trolling,Flaming,Afk,Vk Abuse,Leaver

    You are THE RAT yamibakura32 THE RAT If I wasn't in that game with you, opposite team would win. Unpleased to know you!
  5. sentabrina

    Trolling,Flaming,Afk,Vk Abuse,Leaver

    This guy (playing meepo) was only commenting and TROLLING people. Instead of sticking together and finishing game he was just blabling thoughout all that hour. Saying how low OHS is, and now making this REPORT? Since the start he was blaming a scourge player since ZET was picked. And eversince after it was all about how ZET is stupid, noob and everything. And now he trolls everyone and reports pple.
  6. sentabrina

    Ban request/afk grief

    I nevermind fails in game over having good fellas on forum. See ya in game, hey
  7. sentabrina

    Ban request/afk grief

    EGS, you have a Legacy of being dramatic and crooked. We have won a game together where you have failed it from the start. Why don't you just make friends instead?
  8. I used 4G before, but now I am free
  9. sentabrina

    Definition of NOOB

    PHAT a U tOKIN Bout???
  10. sentabrina

    Definition of NOOB

    Totally lol Stop participating and stay at base with 1 0 k/d
  11. sentabrina

    Definition of NOOB

    You mean next: A noob is a player like @CryWolf, playing for years, but do not develope into a better player.
  12. sentabrina

    Definition of NOOB

    OH, I like that deffinition!!! Why don't you tell us more of your definition?
  13. sentabrina

    Definition of NOOB

    CutiePie Why don't you tell us your personal definition of NOOB?
  14. sentabrina

    Definition of NOOB

    Excellent answer I like that Alright. Cute definition for CryWolf

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