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  1. sentabrina

    Bunek removed from staff list

    May your Birthday be Bright!!!
  2. sentabrina

    How To Detect A Maphacker!

    Born in Ukraine. did school in : Ukraine did university in: Czech Republic and France 2x Masters Degrees Now live in France. more questions Fatty? You still do not understand that you can’t beat me xD lol
  3. sentabrina

    How To Detect A Maphacker!

    "a immigrant" you make fun of yourself fatty the crybitch
  4. sentabrina

    How To Detect A Maphacker!

    pff, to detect a maphacker you need to play with a hack sometime!! and yes My eyes are burning as well %)
  5. sentabrina

    Maphack by michal88

    they are hilarious
  6. sentabrina

    Maphack by michal88

    DiscoTecha & BABA IZ SRBIE (very funny nickname, original AF!) Guys you are one step away from either The Most Akward either The Most OP fame on our forum. BTW - you could have "saved" the replay
  7. sentabrina

    Graou Vk abuse/Flame

    DOminik, you are full of hate man. biiig hate sack. PROSONLY and your PROSKILz are different nicknames, or is that yours? What a behaviour, olala...
  8. sentabrina

    Unban SadGh05t ( EU battle.net)

    Hi, take a look on that, it is helpfull. Scroll down to find a new version!
  9. sentabrina

    Inhouse DotA League

    You are not funny, slark!
  10. sentabrina

    Graou Vk abuse/Flame

    Dominik, where is game replay and which game number was it? You must know how to write a correct report!
  11. sentabrina

    Graou Vk abuse/Flame

    looks like a fake report to me that's not suprizing. Used to see a player name PROSONLY and he was picking LC every game, and he was leaving each time after FIRST BLOOD
  12. sentabrina

    Inhouse DotA League

    Big boys play with pussy of the mirana aka POTM. Very big skill and dota bugs needed. This means that MM mode is best, to see more POTM. Good luck professional boys!!
  13. sentabrina

    Crystal Maiden Guide by AyyLmao

    I also want to be an expert!!! Dota2
  14. sentabrina

    Hero Guide number #1

    Please BARA Guide
  15. sentabrina

    Crystal Maiden Guide by AyyLmao

    1. buy wards. 2. buy courier. 3. dont feed. 4. = Get above 3k mmr True story

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