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  1. Hello every1.I play LoD on ent bots. I start playing Dota like +/- 10 years ago. I have tested few types of hotkeys for dota (warkeys, garena tool, and maybe few more, doesn't matter). Since I start plying LoD I always missed good hotkeys, so I started developing my own. HotKeys for Dota LoD / Dota (last update 18.08.2018) Keys works with Warcraft III 1.30+ patches. It's simply map one keys to others. Download link: download What does keys have Works with Warcraft III 1.30+ patches Turning On / Off All 6 inventory keys mapping (other keys, mouse Whell Up / Down) Skills mapping (up to 6 skills) Voice info about "Start recording" process and "On / Off" Prints mapping after recording "F1" on Mouse Wheel click Save inventory settings automatically (previously set keys loads on start) Don't switch letters while writing in the game How does it works? Mouse Wheel Click: F1 NumPad 6: On / Off NumPad 9: Start recording keys Enter: On /Off (I suggest not to use it manually, since it's for chat writing so it turns On / Off keys when you end / start writing) Skill 1: Z Skill 2: X Skill 3: C Skill 4 (ult): V Skill 5: D Skill 6 (ult2): F How to record keys When you press NumPad 9 record process is starting. You need to click 6 correspoding buttons (it's your set up) that later on will be mapped to ZXCVDF. After all buttons are recorded you will be noticed by In Game message with current mapping set up. Example 1. Click NumPad 6 to turn Off warkeys 2. Click NumPad 9 (start recording) 3. Click one by one: FBEWDG 4. Right now you will get message Mapping: FBEWDG -> ZXCVDF 5. Click NumPad 6 to turn On warkeys 6. Now you can use your skills. Every time you click Z it will use skill under F, click X to use skill under B and so on. How to use inventory 1. Turn on warkeys by using NumPad 6. Yea, that's simple :D Issues you may occur 1. Warkesy works only when they are turn On. NumPad 6 turns it on / off. NumPad 9 automatically turns warkeys Off. If you start writing in the game, and close to input message not by clicking Enter you need to do this again (since clicking enter ones turns warkeys Off and when you send message you click enter and it turns it back On) or turn warkeys On by NumPad 6. 2. Sometime it crashes (didn't crashed for me for couple of days) - you need to start it again o_O 3. It's annying if you don't play War3 and they are still turned On (you can turn On / Off anywhere, not in game only) 4. Couple of antyviruses may treat it as a virus, probably because warkeys hooks the buttons you click (keylogger like issue). I can send whole code in private message if someone want to use it, but is afraid of what is under the hood of this application (code looks bad, but I don't care right now :P ). 5. While recording you always to record 6 buttons. For instance, I have only wrath and blink. They are always on second and forth skill slot. In that case I usually map my keys like this: KBKWKK). I type K for every empty skill slot (first, third, fifth and sixt) since I only have 2 skills. If I have more skills and they change order, I always remap keys so they suit ZXCVDF in good order (how they displays in the game) 6. Virus Total: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/60cbe04c8a86047b42ebf7137b6860d195fc361d64d4ee9c8e8b6d52b43d6be3/detection For the moderators, if the topic have community feedback maybe it will be good to make it sticky? Cheers!!!

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