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  1. bunek

    Why Autoban AFTER game?

    @BestmanEver your nick?
  2. bunek

    Graou flame in lobby

    hey, i cant check lobby log before grief will update stats page so right now cant to anything.
  3. bunek

    ban request

    i dont see flame on that chat, also i find vk was made in rage and didnt repeat so i will let him go away with that. if u dont want to see his msgs just use !ignore. rejected.
  4. bunek

    Unban please, fucking dc >_< in the work know

    @leninRulezz get gproxy
  5. bunek

    BAN skeleton_srb for AFK

    done ty.
  6. bunek

    Votekick abuse

    done ty.
  7. bunek

    Pls Unban

    expired, hf!
  8. bunek

    TirNaNog ,AGAIN RUIN GAME !!!

  9. bunek


    done ty.
  10. bunek

    No admin ingame ?

    hey, i still play as well if u have problem send msg or create ban report.
  11. bunek

    Votekick Abuse

    hey @Rikimaru no action here from my side bcs abba was griefing in forest( he is banned for that) and other 2 leaft game voluntarily so bot took care of them. If u dont agree with me i can tag other admin to take a look at it. Regards
  12. bunek

    VK-Abuse and AFK Ruiner Marfycz

    done ty.

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