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  1. bunek

    game ruin-lumidelac

    done ty.
  2. bunek

    Patch 1.29 Live

    1.29.1 on ptr WOOOOP WOOOOOP https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20762257334
  3. bunek

    Problems updating to 1.29? HAVE NO FEAR

    @Criminal https://eu.battle.net/account/management/download/index.xml
  4. bunek

    ban request

    done ty.
  5. bunek

    Game Ruiner - clenixxx

    done ty.
  6. bunek

    Ban Report: Item steal.

    done ty.
  7. next time ask him to join u in action. done ty.
  8. bunek

    Tournament Q&A

    in topic about registration? @Sia
  9. bunek

    Missing Hero Icons

    https://ohstats.net/en/game/79385 bunek -> Tuskar
  10. bunek

    Missing Hero Icons

    https://ohstats.net/en/game/78032 TheArc Disruptor/Thrall
  11. bunek

    ban request

    @Padrone yes but its was mortred -0:31 [Allies] BlazeOfGloryy90 (Mortred): -roll Regards
  12. bunek

    ban request

    @Padrone hey thanks for report, to morph case-> he picked 1st(?) and wrote fast that he is going on mid lane. in case like that when 2 ppl want to play on mid thay have to roll for it(if one of them want to claim mid) but none of them did that and 2 guys on mid is playable so no further rections. to eza-> if u dont want to be tped by him wirte !disablehelp. after his actions your team was able to get some kills and const push lanes but bcs u and morph wrote u dont want his help i will ban him for that. done ty.
  13. bunek


    @GuanoApe u saw replay? i wasted time by checking it!! ~27:38- killed by ancient neutrals without any chance to get them(1 left with 80% of hp so no way to make mistake there) ~29:04- killed by rosh(solo rosh with 0-10 omni?) -> afk rest of game last 15 min of game no gold income so he was useless for team(omni pink line): also i would like to mention that before his actions none of lane were raxed... next thing: why u assume that he didnt check replay or your brother is banned only bcs he was "reported by his friend"(dumbest thing i ever heard so pls give me evidence for that or fuck your demagoguery!). So why after all of that u flame at @kakapo (head mod who solved like 80% of last ban reports? u know how much time does it take to check it and in a result make this place better?) and our whole staff? Kind of regards...
  14. bunek

    Ban Appeal

    @Arkadrums all ban reports u can find here https://ohsystem.net/sharedStats/reports/. banlist on stats page is not supportrd yet. with upcomming stats page update u r going to gain acces to them back again. i will tag someone who can help u. @Potm4Win Regards
  15. bunek

    Ban Appeal

    @Arkadrums i thinks this should be it: https://ohsystem.net/sharedStats/report/view/1472/ regards

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