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  1. Afk,Game Glitching,Feeding,Abusing

    rejected. Moreover idc how u call clones etc. so u r banned for flame/spam same like idc about scores at the end of the game. done ty.
  2. Game Ruining: Bambi and Popop

    done ty.
  3. Tournament Bracket

    Vosje_RuLLeZ vs NaturalCauzes - Vosje_RuLLeZ winner https://ohstats.net/en/game/171441 GG @CryWolf pls update bracket.
  4. Farewell

    @Gajtan hope to see you soon...
  5. Ban this gameruiner please

    busted for gr. done ty.
  6. @Rhonindexx00 right now u wont be able to get them bcs whole page is under development and only guys from staff know how to get them. hope its gonna change soon.
  7. possible maphack

    here is replay u r looking for @Rhonindexx00. if u need another one just write to me. 97608.w3g
  8. @Rhonindexx00 just give me game number/link and i will send it to u.
  9. Unban

    on what nick he played? i dont see yours in ban base @KUNKKA-
  10. Ban report for ThroneGoldPro

    done ty.
  11. Votekick Abuse

    @sephvroth u know rules. u was banned bcs of that multiple times. without valid reason u cant type !vk or !yes. to his vk i found reason why it "could be" legit. tiny tossed INVIS lina. also vote didnt pass. text u menioned was answer for this: leon_of_svk: hey vk abuse:)heeeey it wasnt nice and full of manners but i dont treat u like kids. if u dont agree with my point of view u can always create another ban report and another mod will take care of it. regards
  12. Votekick Abuse

    done ty.
  13. requesting unban Please

    i am blind or what?! Player GrantWard Longest AFK time 0:39 (from -2:31 to -1:52) @chuck u r second person who post ban appeal clearly without looking at replay (i hope u dont want to lie hmmm?) so pls do me a favour and watch replay. U was banned by head moderator and only he or other head mod can unban u. 95504.w3g

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