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  1. Ban Report for ||||||||||||

    Damn okay. You saw the flaming or watched the full replay? It is disgusting how he ruins all of his games, this hasn't been the first time but cool I guess.
  2. Ban Report for ||||||||||||

    Hi So I am officially sick and tired of this ass coming to ruin every single game he joins by farming neutrals or lanes while the enemy is busy taking out the base. He would either start to flame us or just sit back wait for a kill and ks it. You can check most of his games, he is a known thrower. I don't know if this will go through but I'm sure most of you have dealt with him in the past games. Here is the game link https://ohstats.net/en/game/169436 Thanks for taking the time to handle the report.
  3. Ban report for ThroneGoldPro

    Hi Firstly thank you for taking the effort to handle this report. I would like the report these guys for VK abusing twice in a matter of 5 mins so they could benefit from it. Wheter they are noob or not it has been made clear to make that VK abuse is not allowed. After which axe started flaming me the whole time, I might have bite back but yeah. This is more about the VK ABUSE. https://ohstats.net/en/game/169183 attached is the game link.
  4. Hi @CryWolf As discussed with you, I can't log into my stats page, keeps telling me I must enter the correct password. So this guy, Lavender who played mirana in the attached replay goes around spamming new accounts, threatening to ban people etc, check this game and the one right before it. Also take a look at the winter wyvern player who goes around every game provoking people by calling them names etc. anyway I hope this helps, good luck and have fun! mirana ww.w3g
  5. Ban Report for Badema

    Thanks @bunek and thanks @CryWolf for bringing it up again.
  6. Spicenec Racism, Flaming etc.

    Thanks @kakapo
  7. Ban Report for Badema

    Hi Yes it is me again, quite bloody annoying I know. Okay, this happened quite early in the game. Mort took mid and everything was fine, he then asked for a share. Well I decided to share my courier with him as he is my team mate after all. At that time I was in base busy to shop when he took control and sold all my items, yes it is early game and there is still a lot of time left to farm again, but my point is. I last hit creeps to get gold to buy myself items, here he comes and sells everything. I will upload the replay, cause I did take his items and kept it for less than a minute, cause I realized I won't be better if I kept his items from him so I dropped at base again. Please deal with this issue, as it can happen to anyone later at any stage and they might not report him. Once again, Thanks for taking the time to read my report. Mort selling items.w3g
  8. Spicenec Racism, Flaming etc.

    Hello Well this kid has no matters at all after raging at him for watch me die then spam his shit. First off all you can check the game chat log how he behaved and starting insulting my mother. My browser won't load the recent game on stats page but this time I found the replay folder, I will attach that then. Thanks for taking the team to read and handle my post. Zeus Recism, Flaming etc..w3g
  9. Sexual_Noob as Admin

    k @CryWolf
  10. Sexual_Noob as Admin

    Hello everyone Well as most of you know, I used to be Admin previous times. I would like to join the team again, this time I will be more active. I like to help make OHS a better place , not that is a bad place but there is always a rage flamer or game ruiner. I am 25 years old, I live in South Africa and I suck at times. Furthermore well I enjoy this bot more than any other bots. I will keep it short as most of you already know me and most of us has played together. Have a good day.
  11. Ban Report for Jigga and Noob_Khalifa

    Struggling with internet, so waiting for downloads to finish then I will sort it. Thanks lads
  12. Ban Report for Jigga and Noob_Khalifa

    Thanks dude. Things changed so much since I was last here
  13. James_TheNoob

    Welcome back buddy @Mirana!
  14. James_TheNoob

    @Mirana!the idiot returned! jesus stalker
  15. James_TheNoob

    Lol. Hmm hopefully not Yes. Im officialy employed and settled.. wanna come back

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