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  1. Miracium

    Removed inactive staff

    I have no complaints, I've been too inactive, I should have resigned months ago when I knew I couldn't invest time anymore. Though it's been a great second journey since my return but still sad about the death of LoD. Regards, Miracium
  2. Happy belated birthday. - Your lazy university student, Miracium.
  3. Miracium

    download in the lobby

    I usually be considerate to those who are downloading the map because that's usually where most people download maps when they click custom games. The only way I see it being a problem is if someone downloads to 99 and then leaves and rejoins to restart the download. Then we have a problem and if I recall, there is treatment for those who do that. Maybe there could be standards for those who have been downloading for more than 5 minutes to download it from the web since long download times does slow down the games but will have to see what others think about it.
  4. Miracium

    Patch 1.29

    There had been rumors there may be a Warcraft remastered once they fix the game so that it's balanced. Of course, this will affect the custom games including Dota. They mainly did this for blademaster nerf.
  5. Miracium

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays!
  6. Ah dang it, I forgot about this one regarding admin impersonation. Let's say there's an admin named SomeAdminXI (capital i) What about some impersonator creates an account called SomeAdminXl (lower case L) and starts going around claiming to be admin. Should that be a perma ban?
  7. Miracium

    Ban Length: Game Ruin - Part 2

    I would also like to add that ghosting includes maliciously telling the enemy team to use skills(Example: Zeus's ultimate) because one of your teammates is low hp. This is in the guidelines but just wanted to make this note as a reminder to anyone reading this even though the poll is now closed.
  8. Yes because it's written with a white highlight. If I had a last "world", it would be the world of Miracium but I should have said no.
  9. Miracium

    Bigger elo bot

    In LoD, used to do agi morph, basher first item.
  10. Plays "Just Say No" card. C
  11. So this seems like a dual operating system that I see in my school labs where there's an option to switch between windows and mac. This is a solution on the mac user itself but not necessarily the map. Though better than nothing.
  12. Then there's a sign of "bragging" when you beat a stacked team.
  13. Miracium

    Topic of the beast

    I prefer 777,
  14. Miracium

    Public Ban Reports

    I can think of this being similar to a ticket system except the fact that the reporter cannot view how it was processed. Maybe in some way that only the reporter can see their reports that they reported and when it is reviewed, they can see any additional comments posted by the mods. I do think considering what has happened recently, perhaps it's best for ban reports to not be public.

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