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  1. Binary

    longer bans

    longer bans , shorter bans, it does no matter unless an range is implemented in the ban as the end-user will make a different alias to play under.
  2. Binary


    happy Birthday everyone
  3. Binary

    Deleted from the game

  4. Binary

    Problem with w3

    @Mio - there is a battle.net updater you can download and drop into your WC3 directory.... this will allow your WC3 game client to update properly. 1 - Uninstall everything2 - Delete folders that left3 - Install Both warcraft4 - Download this and run both https://us.battle.net/support/pt/article/Como-atualizar-jogos-classicos5 - Run Frozen Throne as Adm6 - Battle Net7 - It will complete the upgrade NOTE: Make sure to run WC3 as admin (right click icon and select run as administrator on windows OS)
  5. Binary

    This guy says you can't sd/kick/ignore him?

    @GriefCode - That is awesome.... Will there be a list of illegal characters some where?
  6. Haha....... this is nice but it should be common sense on how to post a ban report... I know your pain as I been processing ban requests for a while and have come to find a new form of stupid when it comes to people submitting ban request. the majority of the issue is when someone posts a ban request they are lazy and want the admin to do all the work........ How it should be is the end-user should be as detailed as possible when submitting a ban request to assist the admin in processing the request. I cant tell you how many times that I had to review a replay 3-4 times over to discover the issue because the ban request was lacking details.
  7. Binary

    Binary Resignation // Good Bye

    Nah buddy, I left for other reasons which I will not mention here in this thread
  8. Binary

    Binary Resignation // Good Bye

    Thank you All the time lol
  9. Binary


  10. Binary

    Binary Resignation // Good Bye

    Well I will be coming back today or tomorrow as you put it, but only to give thanks for the responses. Cryptic Sorry buddy,
  11. Binary

    Binary Resignation // Good Bye

    Its my time, very recent events have assisted with making this decision... Thanks, it means alot Yes I appreciate it and if there is a next time maybe ill do better
  12. Take care everyone :) 

  13. Good Afternoon All, I regret to inform all of you that I will be parting ways from the OHS//DV community. When I first came back to OHS//DV, I was astonished to see some familiar faces and spoke with an old friend to see if I could rejoin the staff to help out. As some of you may know I am not the best player but I still like to play and I wanted everyone that played with me to know that I couldnt of been the staff member I was without all of you. You all are great people and I will miss all of you, the good times , the trolling , the friendships, and all the other fun things in this wonderful community. Before I go, I wanted to say a few good byes to some old friends : @GriefCode - You and I have been around the block several times through ups and downs. We had our good times and bad times. I came to you on the "Turn of the Tide" (LotR reference) to assist with rebuilding the community and to right all of my wrongs from the past :). Also you are one of the most devoted people on the planet when it comes to managing a community. I miss the times we had in LoD and DotA. You gave me a ear when I needed a friend and you were stern when I made a mistake. I appreciate you so much and remember to keep in touch buddy. I dont use Whats app much but I will PM you my contact information later on for other forms of social media. @CryWolf - your always going to be my brother from another mother and my one true padawan (star wars reference LOL). I remember before you even had your ban hammer those were the days haha. I am glad to see your still staying strong here in this community and that you have excelled the way you have. Take care buddy, I will miss you man. Keep in touch. @Miracium - Its been a long road between you and I, we been around a long time I will miss you so much and I hope things turn around for you buddy. Keep your head up and stay focused brother. @Ominus - I remember when you first started out with the OHS//DV community.... you have always been destined for good things and I am glad to see you moved up within the community. Take care buddy , I hope all turns around for you There are many other people that I am glad are still around and I wish all of you the best of luck on all of your future endeavors in this community. To all community members, remember this community is only what it is because of you all.... not just the staff but mostly the regular members.... Without you all the staff wouldnt have anything to do but troll one another . To all the people I gave crap to in the past, even if you are not here forgive me please. Well I hate good byes and will miss all of you. Best Regards -Binary

  15. For you its a reflex for me to remove you from the lobby

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