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  1. maG.

    Canceling the tour

    Can we re-open this turnament? if not then what we need to do.....?
  2. maG.

    New !FF system and !votekick system?

    U cant just kick someone because hes a noob lol and good idea is get banned for refuse to kick !yes its good but VK abuse more then ''onetime''' should be banned as well
  3. maG.


    Elo scores has change but Kd dont
  4. maG.

    mag game ruin item destroy leaver

    @sunisup Co za Pajac haha
  5. maG.


    Ok. Thank's greet !!!!!!
  6. maG.


    Hello . I do not know why my game counts, but KD is the same. Also online stats are different than when I use! sd in loby.
  7. maG.

    Statspage changes

    So sweet
  8. maG.

    New Rule: Lane calling

    Nice one like it

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