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    [email protected] 10/08

    Hello @sephvroth i didnt want to make any post but First you lie you start a Topic "BatNUT the worst Admin " then you say "he didn't say that he was the admin" Second on your Complaint and Ban appeal you say "only called batnut name twice and that's it " so lets see how many times did you Flame in this game 10:09 sephvroth: dumb fucking team 10:11 sephvroth: piece of shit 17:21 sephvroth: push mid 17:22 sephvroth: retards 19:14 sephvroth: fuck you 19:24 BatNUT: next flame you are ban 19:25 sephvroth: fucking creep stealers 19:28 sephvroth: go fuck urself 20:40 BatNUT: !ban sephv flame Total 6 times you Flame before i ban you And last maybe its time to start and have better behavior in the Games because many ppl here complaint about you Have Fun Regards BatNut 1
  4. BatNut


    God ofc we care we dont like too have here ppl playing with Hack (mh/mepo bot) just my friend give some time so Grief can finish the Bot
  5. BatNut


    Hello God I know its sucks but for the moment we cant do any untill Grief finish with the Bot

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