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  1. Changes to Elo rating

    i think with the new elo system the Auto Balance could actually turn out quiet well. Before it was not possible because you would have one side the 1x 4k elo player with 4x 1k elo players and on the other side for example 3x 2k elos and 2x 1k. But now that all the players are more together with the elo, it could work out well to balance games.
  2. Tournament Bracket

    mistakes werde made. für dich reichts immer noch
  3. Tournament Bracket

    m4ster vs weg - m4ster wins https://ohstats.net/en/game/172231 gg
  4. Tournament Bracket

    hi guys i wrote @LAPIO on thursday and still have no answer from him. i can only play today, because the last 2 days where i could, i got no answer. tomorrow i will have no time. what we do here?
  5. Tournament Registration

    Battlenet name: weg Realm: Europe Lets try this
  6. Tournament Rules

    Hui Hard rules 5. Game end when one of the players !ff , 2 kills difference or 1 towers down its pretty easy possible to come back from 1 tower down or 2 kills diffrence ^^
  7. DotA -ap

    useless notification, sorry for the bother
  8. DotA -ap

    guess im in, but not at 5 PM, later. and maybe @Bee in too. even @Graou can come if he doesnt rq
  9. wasnt that speed ball thing a mini game in like, uther party? run kitty is better than run ninja also some escapes were fun too, ice escape, shroom world, pyramide escape and lots more
  10. pahaha maybe true but in pudge wars its diffrent, i am gonna update my hook to fking max range and hook you whereever the fk you are
  11. damm this would be lovely. also add some more maps while you are at it
  12. Changes on Elo Rating

    Ah i understand, all clear now Greetings
  13. Changes on Elo Rating

    Hi Grief Sounds good to me to be honest, i dont quiet understand this with the draw. Correct me if im wrong, when the Team with higher winning chance has a leaver in early game, like someone disconnect and then all vote for draw. The Team with higher winning chance will lose elo and the other team gains elo? So why would any1 ever wanna draw if its like this? Answer me in german if you think i didnt understand it at all please also the new toplist doesnt seem to be loading for me, on the screen is just Loading... in the middle. also tried clear cookies. Regards
  14. Changes on Elo Rating

    haha good luck bee sounds like a hard elo system to get points because there are many low elo players

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