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    Happy Happy B-day @homG !!! wish u all the best
  2. ban request

    done, ty for report
  3. Report VK abuse

    done. ty for report
  4. Tournament Bracket

    weg vs. Lapio | weg Winner https://ohstats.net/en/game/172045 @CryWolf
  5. Ban Report - Votekick Abuse

    no votekick abuse into my eyes, he was flaming all game his team, is lvl 5 after 30 min mark and has a 0/9 kd. still thx for report regards
  6. Ban Request/ Game ruin

    done. ty for report
  7. Ban Report

    since when we kick ppl cause of his k/d ? even when hes 0/10 aslong hes not doing it on purpose to destroy the game ur not allowed to use the !votekick. days back we used to have a msg that came up when some1 was feeding to hard but we have not had it for a while. we all have games with ppl who doesnt listen at all but thats dota what should u do ? idk when i have ppl in my team who doesnt listen i see it as a challenge and win or lose together with them but i do not try to kick them .... for me its clear votekick abuse, maybe @kakapo or @CryWolf see it differently.
  8. Ban Report

  9. Ban Report for Jigga and Noob_Khalifa

    jigga is banned for gameruin dont forget the link next time regards
  10. Ban Report for Jigga and Noob_Khalifa

    @Make_ME_Rage https://ohstats.net/en/player/sexual_noob/europe.battle.net search for it ^^
  11. Ban Report for Jigga and Noob_Khalifa

    u attached the wrong replay can u tell me the game number or post the link ?
  12. Bigger elo bot

    void + 2 basher + hyperstone and gg
  13. Unban please

    done happy gaming
  14. Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    Im in as i told u before

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