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  1. Potm4Win

    Votekick abuse, Flaming, Help refusing

    hey, i know how it is when ppl doesnt listen but for me this situation was not enough to ban them regards
  2. Potm4Win

    Abuse Votekick, Flaming and Afk

    tbh but i can understand the frustration of imba.schlu, maybe u should try to play inteam and not solo as bara in midd... sometimes its better to listen to others and to follow what they suggest
  3. Potm4Win

    Got disc, lost my connection.

    u are unbanned enjoy ur games
  4. Potm4Win

    game ruin-kamuji

    banned for refusing to roll and staying midd regards
  5. Potm4Win

    game ruiner, item destroy-pyrolo12

    hey, pyrolo12 is banned for refusig to play and selling items. adamantius is banned for flame. regards
  6. Potm4Win


    banned for gameruin ty for report regards
  7. Potm4Win

    unban me please !

    done hf
  8. Happy Happy B-day @homG !!! wish u all the best
  9. Potm4Win

    ban request

    done, ty for report
  10. Potm4Win

    Report VK abuse

    done. ty for report
  11. Potm4Win


    welcome back
  12. Potm4Win

    Tournament Bracket

    weg vs. Lapio | weg Winner https://ohstats.net/en/game/172045 @CryWolf
  13. Potm4Win

    Ban Report - Votekick Abuse

    no votekick abuse into my eyes, he was flaming all game his team, is lvl 5 after 30 min mark and has a 0/9 kd. still thx for report regards
  14. Potm4Win

    Ban Request/ Game ruin

    done. ty for report
  15. Potm4Win

    Ban Report

    since when we kick ppl cause of his k/d ? even when hes 0/10 aslong hes not doing it on purpose to destroy the game ur not allowed to use the !votekick. days back we used to have a msg that came up when some1 was feeding to hard but we have not had it for a while. we all have games with ppl who doesnt listen at all but thats dota what should u do ? idk when i have ppl in my team who doesnt listen i see it as a challenge and win or lose together with them but i do not try to kick them .... for me its clear votekick abuse, maybe @kakapo or @CryWolf see it differently.

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