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  1. DC. unban pls

    Thank u master
  2. DC. unban pls

    Hello I got dc in my previous game, can u pls unban? i couldnt find the game in gamelis, hmm wierd Regards Kunkka-
  3. Moderator request in DotA

    I support this guy. Good luck to u. U seem involved and a decent guy. Played some games with you and you have good manner ingames. Hope you get it
  4. Report VK abuse

    Its actually very simple. At first mickedoublas was lagging and they tried to VK him. We all know u can reconnect. However thats not why i am reporting this VK abuse that happned to HUSKAR. He was playing, and yeah he got killed like 4 times. We had a sniper who also feeded and didnt knew what items to get, and we had omni who also is a beginner. I also had players who i could kick if thats easy to kick . But hey lets get raped mid and then kick so i can win the game , thats the solution for a win? I wanna report omfg_just_stun whysoseriousss and anfern For making a VK went through. If this aint a VK abuse then i dont know what is. https://ohstats.net/en/game/176789
  5. Unban

    oh i am not banned anymore maybe it ended ty anyway @bunek
  6. Tournament Registration

    I will play
  7. Unban

    Hello So my brother got banned cause he ragequietted, i understand if he should stan banned. But i go the same IP adress, i told him to never do that again, cuse he ruin the repution of us. Anyway, if someone can pls unban so i can play that would be appreciated If not then thank in advance for atleast trying Best Regards Kunkka-
  8. flame and rage afk-sitdowndog

    sephvroth Stop embaressing urself, u called sitdowndog a retard in all chat. So how can u report semeone for flame when u flamed as well? I mean are u stupid or what? Sitdowndog was never afk, played a game 5v3 and it was over, u just sucked and didnt realize it. God these idiots wont stop.
  9. Whats the problem? its like ur forgetting what the guys issue is or what he wants to get solve? Why are u making fun of him instead of asking him what he should get help with ? Lika Griefcode said Daniell, tell them who your report is against
  10. Unban?

    Hmm hello Ban ID44334 Ban Realmeurope.battle.net Ban Namekunkka- Ban Created2017-09-17 20:58:00 Banned ByGriefCode ReasonInsult/Flame Expiration2017-09-24 20:58:00 i am still banned , how come?
  11. This aint a report https://dota.vision/sharedStats/recentGames/?do=single&id=65634 Just something i wanna bring up mgt692 godofwar fairytail topspin Lets see how cocky u guys are ifront of admins? tell me, now u scared little cunts. flaming and trolling when no admin is ingame right? Do it here , open as i have, come on. u fucking cowards. Like i said, behind the screens they are very tough right?????? But i just wanna know what the fuck is your problem you cocky arrogant son of a whores ? I have played many games here, and yeah u have the right to stack, and do what ever you want. No problem, have never said anything to anyone about a stacking team. But when you begin to get so fuckng arrogant and so fucking cocky behind the screen, i would love to see nerds and monkeys like u do that ifront of my face, u fucking piece of shit. I am 29 years old and they got no respect what so ever. So uneducated that i just wanna meet one of you guys up and i just wanna have a moment where one of you would have open his mouth ifront of me. You little shitheads. I have played alot games in this bot, but never seen so much idiots in mylife.
  12. Congratulochen

    I wanna congrat you to ur new son. I wish you all the best and hope he follows ur step to come. ( DOTA CAREER )
  13. Stats Reset

    Time to reset my account aswell You got my approval Reset mine pls!
  14. Admin application

    I am ? Good to know something besides dota ! I would like to say that its always fun to play vs or with you and thanks for the support. Hello grou ! thanks alot for ur opinion , it means alot. I will try to improve my activity on the forum. I would like to say that its always a pleasure to play with u aswell. Thanks alot buddy much appreciated ! To begin with i can say hi to you and to everyone that has taken the time to make an opinion regarding this application HEllo Gajtan. Gotta agree with you about that its an admin application, but its ok I can tell you something, can i be mad? yeah offc i can, but i would never flame anyone, or flame someones mom or family. Its hard for me to prove that cause i am not the only one playing on KUNKKA-. My brother who is 18 years old is also playing on this account, and i have told him many many times that he shouldnt cause that guy got a rage issues. Him I can handle, but the other players who suffers ingame cause of his stupidity is kinda boring and unmature. So if he cursed ur family, i apologize for that, and i mean it i am truley SORRY ! I would never let or abuse some powers of admin. Its very easy to notice and whats the point? I will try my best to do the best for this community. I always play vs all players, i never stack, and i like challenge. As you can see, i got 1350 elo in over 600 games? that says much about my not stacking thing. I think its important to get good games and letting everyone get satisfied.

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