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  1. Ban report for Achi-

    Game-link: https://ohstats.net/en/game/77890Offending player(s) lobby-number or color or ign: Achi- (Blue)Time occured: within 5-10 minutes of end of gameDetails(optional): Got owned so badly that he started feeding intentionally. Went 0-9.
  2. Game ruiner Axe

    Would like to report Churim (Axe) for game ruin and afk griefing... Would not give me my items that were in his courier and i asked him atleast 10 times... https://ohstats.net/en/game/74843
  3. i still cannot log into the stats page to retrieve the replays and/or add my current battlenet name to my connected accoints. keeps saying wrong password and username combo. but i have cleared up the matter. Thanks for your quick response.
  4. possible maphack

    Upon further review, I have concluded that furion was not maphacking. My apologies for accusation. I will from now on make sure i can review the replay and be able to log into stats page before making a report. Thanks for the help.
  5. possible maphack

    My battlenet name: 13allzofSteel Violator name: Sagitarius1313 Reason for report: I along with a few others of my team believe that Sagitarius1313 maphacks. He conveniently knew where each of us were while either invisable or on our way back to base and he appears right infront of us and kills us. We ended up winning the game. I am unable to retrieve the replay so that i can give timestamps due to my user name and password combo not being accepted on the stats page. Also last time i could log into the page, i could not add my battlenet name 13allzOfSteel to my connected accounts. It would say something like already reserved or something... Thanks in advance for looking at this report. Regards,
  6. Hello, I am trying to retrieve a replay for a game so i can report someone for maphack but says forbidden. You are not allowed to access this page. Forbidden You don't have permission to access /97608.w3 i figured out that i was supposed to sign in. However my user name and password combination is not working for the stats page.
  7. batnut, the worst admin ever

    @larry.cai this is not the place to ask for that. make a seperate post reguarding your issue. ty
  8. Stats Reset

    Ya it's me. Not sure what happened to my stats as fail as they were beforehand, but they say im 182 elo now...
  9. Stats Reset

    May I get a stats reset for Darksh00ter and FaithoftheHeart?
  10. arayaomi insult again

    it seems he is still able to use chat though on front page.
  11. flame and rage afk-sitdowndog

    Well @krolm, I tried as many others have done, to teach Seph how to make a proper ban request... RiP Dota.vision forums
  12. flame and rage afk-sitdowndog

    Just for your information. This post may get ignored because you seem to not understand how to make a proper ban report. When it says "game link", you need to click on "Stats dashboard" > Recent games > and find the game name you played in and click on it. Then you provide the game link from your address bar. Or you can click "all activity" Then ban report and use the interface. Just trying to help. See For more info.
  13. reporting stuff

    Spamming the forums isn't gonna do anything but piss off the ohs staff. they may even extend your ban if you don't stop. Just and fyi.
  14. Unban?

    I would assume the ban is to last until about 8:58pm your time (not sure what time zone you are in). That is what the 20:58:00 says anyways. Just an fyi.
  15. Ban request for player .paradise

    I too have had several issues with .paradise and his flaming and game ruin. I put him on ignore every game now.

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