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  1. Sweet_acc_pr0sa

    game ruiner, item destroy-pyrolo12

    now imagine that he cant evne compare to my flame but noone eva reports me im bad even in bein reported ;/
  2. Sweet_acc_pr0sa

    item steal

    u should ban jebimir for existing, not joking
  3. Sweet_acc_pr0sa

    Abuse Votekick

    i love this litle fat feggit we have as lead admin
  4. Sweet_acc_pr0sa


    u know nothin about flame yourmomisugly
  5. Sweet_acc_pr0sa

    Abuse Votekick

    Love you man !
  6. Sweet_acc_pr0sa

    Abuse Votekick

    how many times i have to repeat it fuck u trash
  7. Sweet_acc_pr0sa

    Abuse Votekick

    fuck u nub, ill flame u each time i have an posibility, u litle scrub u are no worth of gaming here i wish u swap to bk or some other noob place that u should belong u crap
  8. Sweet_acc_pr0sa

    Abuse Votekick

    UUUUUUU all i can say is fuck u rikkimaru u are now on black list of stacking and complaing ppl xDDDDDD now i take u on same lvl as egs or a legend of retardnes lordmiles btw did i tell u to fuck u ? XD FUCK U
  9. Sweet_acc_pr0sa

    Crywolf abused staff power

    i can /w u talkin shit if u want for no reason xDDDDDDDDDDDD u shitbag
  10. Sweet_acc_pr0sa


    typical wolf stats 0-2 xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  11. Sweet_acc_pr0sa

    Top 10 players you've ever met/seen on bnet

    ur a map hacker
  12. Sweet_acc_pr0sa

    is it banable

  13. Sweet_acc_pr0sa


    demolishing this shitpicking retard ghua is nothin impressive but sure i always respect ppl raping morons like him Or @Graou
  14. Sweet_acc_pr0sa

    Top 10 players you've ever met/seen on bnet

    noone make it so i have to 1 Roie24
  15. Sweet_acc_pr0sa

    Moderator request in DotA

    he is some halfbrained moron acting like he have serious mental disorder and he aply for mod also if someoen was mod on bk that should be enaught to deny him rofl i have some games w this guy and his mostly bara picker so sory i cannot respect this guy GG NO RE

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