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  1. NOMAD.QC stats

    Love OHS , but i think the same that RIki
  2. Changes on Elo Rating

    You said what we think about the new elo system so far , so far , i dont like it at all but its my perception ! With the new system in place we dont see stats no more so i didnt see the stats when i joined a game yesterday , i lost 16 elo when i didint even see my allies scores .. Are game without stats are counting ? Cause its should not , u cant see your team scores We'v have worked hard to got that elo , and now u want it all gone ? I play every day of the week and most of the people including me dont like the new system , but i suppose that the guys with the worst stats will be fine with it ! PS : I find the new system a bit too much ..
  3. NOMAD.QC stats

    Thx for your response , if i understand if i lose a game and i have bigger scores than my teammate i should lose more elo .. If you check [#72672] -OHS- DotA apem #17 , you can see backplease with 21-5-11 scores , i have 8-10-19 .. He supposed to lose more elo than me , why i lose 16 when he lose 7 ?! A player with more score will gain less on a win than his team members with less score
  4. Hi everybody , i love to play on OHS .. My gamertag is NOMAD.QC Yesterday i played a game [#72672] -OHS- DotA apem #17 .. All people on the chat before the game started was 1000 , so who know who stack ?? I was on with the stacker side , i didnt know ... All were 1k elo We lost the game , KUNKKA lost , he was 6-12-13 I was 8-10-19 .. KUNKKA lost 7,83 elo .. I lost 16,06 elo I dont understand the system , i dont understand how can the new elo system calculated this elo when we were all 1000 elo in the chat room .. Nobody knew who were big elo shot .. Its look stupid , but i worked hard for this elo .. My regards .. NOMAD.QC
  5. Can i get unban plz

    Got banned , got internet problem , i didnt want to leave on purpose . Can i get unban plz NOMAD.QC
  6. Stats Reset

    Hey , can you reset stat for Massakers plz ?? Thx

    Hey guys , its been 1 week or 2 .. Heyjude trolling everybody every game and always die , im not the only one to say that .. He just join game to lose it on purpose , its nonsense .. This guys is a big troll and need to get banned , thx !
  8. girlsareangels big problem

    Its in the title , he fucked dota number 13 14 and 15 saying its was unbalanced so he killed himself in each game making losing his team .. Can you check that , thx
  9. Stats Reset

    Can you reset Massakers please ? Thx
  10. So the question is in the title , can you kick someone to make place to someone else ? I was in -OHS- DotA apem #19 Waiting for about 20 min , then get kicked out at the last second to make place for someone else .. Can a admin can really do that ?? Nonsense .Regards mo-laktose No respect at all
  11. Loser Apo

    I was there , he banned the guys because he was losing hard .. Yeah Niite was a little bit cocky but not enough to ick and ban just before the win .. Mo-laktose And most of the time he will swap to be with someone he like ...
  12. One of the best atmospheric music ever made .. Perfect for dota
  13. mo-laktose- Banned for no reason ??

    Im on my weekend i wanted to do a dota night but i cant because of one vote kick ? Help me with this please i cant make an appeal A votekick against player [KARACHA] has been started by player [MeanGr33nToker]. 3 votes are needed within 60 seconds to pass. i didnt even started the vote .. He was 0-8 and was yelling shit at everybody WHAT A BASH 22:55KARACHAMOTHERFUCKER 22:57KARACHASHIT 22:59KARACHA:LUCKER 10 karacha 0 8 2 KARACHATURN OFF MH RETARD SHIT 24:53KARACHAI FUCK YOUR MOTHER RETARD If this not gonna me unban i dont know what else to do
  14. mo-laktose- Banned for no reason ??

    Votekick abuse ?!? When i play its rare that i votekick someone ... But Karacha was feeding like hell so someone started the votekick and we agreed to do so .. KARACHA speaking I want to report whole my team i dont know who kicked me from game check pls. i play normal and they kick me becouse i was feeding but i didnt . ... So he said someone votekick him , he dont know who , but finaly its me who got banned when we dont know nothing .. I am a bit confused right now , we can get banned because of a votekick ?? I did not votekick him 5 time in a row .. Just one time and i got banned ?? I play everyday on your server and most of the time im very polite , how can you ban someone on his word ?? I got connected to b.net , got to the chat and verify my account ... Its said it work , when i came back on the site it didnt do nothing and my account still not verify and i still can't make ban appeal .. !!
  15. Hey guys , i verified my account on b.net to make a ban appeal and its said my account go verified but i still cant make an appeal .. ! Just played a game last night , we won the game and when the stats were showing its said i got disconnected .. When i tried to rejoin a game its said i got banned by Binary for insult ?! The problem is that i dont insult people in Dota and i didnt even played game with Binary .. I dont really understand .. Can we do something .. ?! Thank you

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