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  1. Massakers-


    Cool , thx for you time Grief .
  2. Massakers-


    Hi , i like OHS and i play everday when i can , 1 or 2 game .. Can we have news about the new elo system we voted for ? And i have a question about draw , 2 people leaved on other team 2 game in a row , is that normal that i lose 10 elo for this ? My regards NOMAD.QC
  3. Massakers-

    Disconnected due to freeze

    Sup guys , i got disconncted in the middle of my loading [#85124] -OHS- DotA apem #43 , i have put a track on youtube then when i came back i got freezed .. ! I didnt want to leave that game , Regard.. Nomad.qc
  4. Massakers-

    unban plz

    Hey guys , got some problem last game , a guy leaved so we all draw and i left but not im banned , can u help pls ?? Thx and have a great night My gamertag is NOMAD.QC , thx guys
  5. Massakers-

    New Elo System = Not Realistic

    People say that stacking is a problem , u know what the real problem , when u want to play good but your teammate dont give a fuck , they ruin , they quit , they dont do shit . Their alots of people who dont give a damn about the game they just want to play ... So most of the people love to play with player with high elo cause they are better .. Most of the time they doint ruin games , they dont quit .. You cant be a good player and always play with players like Mexicanwisp etc , they just there to ruin .. So its normal that we want to play with better players. Anyway i think you will agree with me that we have voted , and the vote passed for get back to old elo system ( with some new features ?! ) .. Regards NOMAD.QC
  6. Massakers-

    disconnection ! :(

    Hey , i got disconnected in the middle of the game when all was good for us , didnt want to , can u unban plz ! thx
  7. Massakers-

    New Elo System = Not Realistic

    Riki you right , we voted to get back to old elo .. Hope its change soon , losing 14 elo in one game is a non sense
  8. Massakers-

    Problem with a game

    Thx man Cant wait for the new system too !!
  9. [#80348] -OHS- DotA apem #68 Hi , can someone explain to me what happened ? Ontra disconnected right from the start , so we drawed the game .. But Ontra got 14 elo , and then i lost 7 elo ? I dont understand , is it a bug ? How all have players drawed game but opposite team wons 15 elo each ? Regards NOMAD
  10. Massakers-

    New Elo System

    So what news about the new ELO system ?? Most of people have voted to get back with old system . Like Rikimaru said in another topic about losing 15 elo in one game , and then you need to win 12 13 game before gettin back this elo .. [#79866] -OHS- DotA apem #32 People have less kill then me in this game , they all lose 5 or 6 elo .. I lost almost 16 , i know my elo is higher but losing 16 elo one game ?! I didnt even stack .. ! I hope we find something soon , i just win 1 or 2 elo per games ..
  11. Massakers-

    NOMAD.QC stats

    Love OHS , but i think the same that RIki
  12. Massakers-

    Changes on Elo Rating

    You said what we think about the new elo system so far , so far , i dont like it at all but its my perception ! With the new system in place we dont see stats no more so i didnt see the stats when i joined a game yesterday , i lost 16 elo when i didint even see my allies scores .. Are game without stats are counting ? Cause its should not , u cant see your team scores We'v have worked hard to got that elo , and now u want it all gone ? I play every day of the week and most of the people including me dont like the new system , but i suppose that the guys with the worst stats will be fine with it ! PS : I find the new system a bit too much ..
  13. Massakers-

    NOMAD.QC stats

    Thx for your response , if i understand if i lose a game and i have bigger scores than my teammate i should lose more elo .. If you check [#72672] -OHS- DotA apem #17 , you can see backplease with 21-5-11 scores , i have 8-10-19 .. He supposed to lose more elo than me , why i lose 16 when he lose 7 ?! A player with more score will gain less on a win than his team members with less score
  14. Hi everybody , i love to play on OHS .. My gamertag is NOMAD.QC Yesterday i played a game [#72672] -OHS- DotA apem #17 .. All people on the chat before the game started was 1000 , so who know who stack ?? I was on with the stacker side , i didnt know ... All were 1k elo We lost the game , KUNKKA lost , he was 6-12-13 I was 8-10-19 .. KUNKKA lost 7,83 elo .. I lost 16,06 elo I dont understand the system , i dont understand how can the new elo system calculated this elo when we were all 1000 elo in the chat room .. Nobody knew who were big elo shot .. Its look stupid , but i worked hard for this elo .. My regards .. NOMAD.QC

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