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  1. kakapo

    torsk strikes again

    Settings; Ignore Users; Tick All
  2. kakapo

    Abuse Votekick, Flaming and Afk

    Thank you for the report, they are banned for the below offenses. Notes; Minute 1:23; Invalid votekick made by imba.schlu against OrangeJuice Minute 15; Invalid Votekick made by paparon against OrangeJuice imba.schlu refusing to fight and also flame throughout the game paparon also banned for flame during the game
  3. kakapo


    You can't blame the masses for choosing what they feel like choosing. People play for all different reasons and choose heros for all sorts of reasons.
  4. kakapo

    Mikegrw -roll (Abuse)

    Thank you for the report, he is banned for refusing to roll for Mid.
  5. kakapo


    Yep, we will have to wait for an update for GProxy.
  6. kakapo

    game ruin-2.0michal88

    Thank you for the report, but there's no reason to kick new players (he doesn't know item combinations), but he tried to help in lane and fights. Notes; Minute 12: Invalid votekick made against Lucy by Venge, Troll !yes
  7. kakapo

    vk abuse and flame--spicenec

    Thank you for the report, he is banned for votekick abuse & flame Notes; Minute 13: Invalid votekick made by Legion against Medusa Minute 14: Legion racism and flame
  8. kakapo

    Abuse Votekick

    Thank you for the report, Scourge team are banned for votekick abuse (did not wait for afk timer to run) Notes; Minute 13: Votekick made against Slark
  9. kakapo

    ban request

    If your dodging is anything like your ability to lie, it shouldn't be to hard to find you.
  10. kakapo

    ban request

    @Padrone Thank you for the report, @Unbowed (unbowedunbent) is banned for votekick abuse & flame. There is no rule stating a player must be obliged to help in fights or ganks. If they want to farm up their items, that is fine. We don't ban players who choose to play the game how they want to. If you cannot take a fight, don't take it, pretty simple. Also we do not ban for feeding if it is unintentional. Clarifications; 1) The first and only votekick was made when ergosum was 1-4 2) No other teammates had voted !yes to the votekick 3) No teammate asked for help from ergosum prior to the votekick 4) At the time of the votekick both lolidebambo & sawik1501 stats were worse than ergosum Notes; Minute 20-21: unbowedunbent flames ergosum Minute 24: Votekick made against ergosum by unbowedunbent; Invalid @Storm- If you don't have anything constructive to say, don't say it. Regards,
  11. kakapo

    ban request

    Thank you for the ban report, Wildboar is banned for votekick abuse, and n1vere is banned for gameruin, destroying items and leaving. Notes; Minute 23: Viper destroys items and leaves the game Minute 52: Votekick against PL made by Sniper; Invalid
  12. kakapo

    item steal

    Thank you for the report, he is banned for item steal.
  13. kakapo

    disconnection ! :(

    Looks like this has been solved.
  14. kakapo

    ban request

    Thank you for the ban report, they are banned for votekick abuse. Notes; Minute 42: Votekick against LC made by Tiny Minute 45: Votekick against LC made by Omniknight Legion is farming, pushing, looking for kills all game, trying to help his team. His score is due to a couple of things mainly; 1) He often dies first in teamfights, but takes enough damage so that his team usually wins the fight, and 2) He also got caught out of position a few times, but these instances are due to a lack of awareness, than straight ruin.

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