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  1. Echoo

    Thank you for the report, he is banned for flame.
  2. Ban request for Kyubi009

    First of all, ELO does not determine who goes Mid. If there is a dispute for the Mid lane at the start of the game, players have to -roll for it. Whoever has the highest number is Mid. https://ohsystem.net/guidelines/ However he is banned for gameruin; Intentionally feeding, destroying items
  3. ban request

    Thank you for the report. They are banned for votekick abuse.
  4. jaja, echoo, gg- gameruin

    Thank you for the report. jaja is banned for racism / flame, votekick abuse & gameruin; destroying items echoo is banned for flame
  5. Farewell

    Sometimes this game can be really frustrating and it's better to take a step back and have a break. Whether you come back or not, I wish you all the best.
  6. Ban reasons

    Hi @jerrod Welcome to OHS. We have a list of guidelines as per; https://ohsystem.net/guidelines/ If you have any further questions, just give me or one of the Moderators a pm. Enjoy your stay here
  7. Can i get unban plz

    As per the forum chat box. 16:34 NOMAD.QC: wow 16:39 NOMAD.QC: we get owned mid and u guys fuckjing farm 16:47 NOMAD.QC: fuck you 16:48 Dark-WaRs: y.. 16:49 StorGutt: nice observers bro 16:06 Dark-WaRs: pomg 16:18 Dark-WaRs: ok kick bara? 16:20 NOMAD.QC: im done 16:23 NOMAD.QC: kick me 17:58 StorGutt: nice help rofl 18:02 StorGutt: dont go 18:16 Bot: NOMAD.QC has left the game voluntarily. Ban appeal rejected.
  8. Flame, vk abuse

    Thank you for the report. ChrisLambert & inst4boyzz are banned for votekick abuse.
  9. 'Jupel' Item destroy and game-ruin

    Thank you for the report. Axe is banned for gameruin (destroying items) & flame. Sniper is banned for lane steal.
  10. Ban Request/ Game ruin and account steal

    Once an account expires it is free game. Clinkz was pushing and killing the entire game. It was only when Ezalor forced him back did he have to go back to base and heal up. Renn0 & [INVICTUS] are banned for votekick abuse against Clinkz.
  11. Vk abuse

    Thank you for the report. leon_of_svk, Sa_Fire & kaaamil123 are banned for votekick abuse. Sniper and Maiden had a really hard time in the laning stage and did not feed intentionally.
  12. Ban request

    Thank you for the report. He is banned for flame and invalid votekick.
  13. Ban Report for ||||||||||||

    It is not a bannable offense to not help defend. If a player thinks by doing another action that they will succeed in winning or giving their team a higher chance to win, then that is their choice. We cannot start banning or blaming players because they do not do an objective.
  14. Ban Request/ Game ruin

    I saw him use shackle occasionally despite your complaining and you guys got a few nice kills with it. He probably didn't have the best game and he was countered quite hard, but it looks like he tried hard to do what he could (pushing, fighting etc). I can't see any moment in the game where he went afk, nor did he dive intentionally to feed. Ban report rejected.
  15. Abuse Votekick

    As per previous thread, Luna kept tanking the creeps while being attacked by the enemy (suiciding).

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