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  1. Free Stuff

    https://www.origin.com/deu/de-de/store/dead-space/dead-space/standard-edition free dead space 1
  2. Sunday - League

    count me in
  3. Sunday - League

    cm/rd bnet 13lacky.
  4. MMO/RPG

    snes: lufia 2,secret of evermore ,chrono trigger, secret of mana,final fantasy 6 and terranigma ps1: final fantasy 7/8/9 ,legend of dragoon, jade cocoon , parasite eve 2 pc: fallout1-4, dragon age origins/2, hyper light drifter, bastion, transistor, undertale, morrowind, oblivion, skyrim, hollow knight ,the wichter 2-3, south park stick of truth , borderlands ,mass effect and dragon dogma
  5. i really like this idea but as reward give more people colour name like top 10 and for a full month
  6. Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    sounds like a good plan lets meet 18:00 channel clan ohs taht would be nice 18:00 tomorrow?
  7. Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    it would be awesome if you join us
  8. Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    same hero/all mid with lone druid or meepo ís always nice to watch
  9. Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    if you want to be part of this event pls post it here and dont be shy everyone from ohs is wellcome
  10. Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    and i hope you join us
  11. Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    still better than a german trying to speak english and fails horrible
  12. Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    sounds like fun but my goal with carzy mode saturday is taht we as commuity get know each another better maby meet in teamspeak and just have some fun rounds
  13. Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    there is noting better than 5vs5 cm but than we sould try to balance it
  14. Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    sure why not we only need enough people and 1 admin

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