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  1. Tournament Registration

    Battlenet name : caphalor. Realm : Europe
  2. DotA -ap

  3. VK abuse, bad manners and offensive talk

    just to chime in: well i think taking away 2 runes from a cocky ego player who isnt playing by the rules (as well) isnt so bad. other players grief and go woods for the rest of the game or dont help on purpose. gotta admit, id also (at least) try to make the cocky guy mad as much as possible (- but still trying to win ofc...)
  4. !draw == loss

    lol, true, i have 0 draws
  5. Bigger elo bot

    ye that would be great. u nabs know theres this problem that ppl dont join the -ap game but many of us want to play without em, so i had an epiphany: what if griefbob allows voting for non-em in lobby? so lobby would still fill, and if there are enough players agreeing on only -ap we got it. if not, we just play with -em as usual. mind is blown cheers
  6. Introduce myself ( Teddy )

    usually i hate such introduction posts as they drive me nuts and make me want to hit the wall. anyway, yours is in such broken english and loaded with facts that dont matter to me, that i nearly find it sweet - no homo! gj
  7. Definition of NOOB

    just a thing to the topic: like 99% of this huge sea of noobs out there are not even willing to listen to what recommendations ppl give them. so u seem to be exceptional since u r the first "noob" who really wants the advice to use it
  8. About elo calculation

    https://ohstats.net/en/game/62560 .. fits to the topic
  9. MMO/RPG

    better go play some more doto wolfboy! ps: skyrim
  10. Sunday - League

    i think making the appearance mandatory is why nobody is signing up also, im not sure if i can be here but most likely ill be online. however, if we play real games, meaning mode is -rd, -cm, -ap, -ar, -sd (even with -em) im in modes: keeping the basics, so nothing too freaked out bnet name: theo.
  11. The state of OHS

    first true shit i heard of this god_hate guy
  12. About elo calculation

    bring this man some beer! so true ...
  13. agreeing with nabjtan (even tho its a fucken long post man, cmon) and fatboy kroum aswell. few more things: - aksfetta is a cranky madman 99% of the time (im too myself, but im not into insulting other ppl's families etc.) - i dont think this case is an "uncertainty" (cite fatnab kroum) since the ruling -as it currently is- is as clear as it can be. so i gotta say: if u write rules then just stick to them. i mean cmon, u cant let rules depend on game state... like im allowed to leave after 5min cause i obviously have 3 nabs in team (which i have most of the time, since im often playing with crywolf, storm, l2nab.com etc.. just saying) and so the game is lost anyway. - so change or just remove the rule cap out, cheers PS: i shud get the award for the post with the highest number of casually mentioned offences int it
  14. Statspage changes

    thats the real deal yes. btw, not giving a shit in general, but glad to see @LAPIO on top- good playing style and nice hero choices
  15. Staff application

    congrats- it appears to me that u really wanted this strongly since u commented on every shit in the last days. also try to work on your objectivity cause u r the kind of dude that always prefers his internet buddies to other players cheers

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