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  1. caphalor.

    Random idiots on Bnet

    65wat...i hope this is a troll post if so, good one!
  2. caphalor.


  3. caphalor.

    New Elo System = Not Realistic

    i already stated my opinion on the elo systems numerous times. however, i speak as a smurfing dude that does not care bout elo at all which is also the case for many decent players like elite, fatty etc... (not mentioning storm here cuz he is nub). and it is my feeling that most dudes who really DO care about elo dislike this new system as massakers, viruz or rikimaru.... as i forgot what i wanted to tell u guys in this statement, ill just leave it like this and u decide whatever that means^^
  4. caphalor.

    Changes to Elo rating

    ah, nice so my imagination is what u had in mind anyway. also, time is of no issue to me at least
  5. caphalor.

    Changes to Elo rating

    not even mentioning things like "best killer" "MVP" or other statistics that make it more competetive and sure are easy to include.
  6. caphalor.

    Changes to Elo rating

    lol, so why did he lose double the elo as hamaroshan? they both have like same elo... also i gna add some thought here so it sticks: i think new system is good, but why you get rid of the only good thing the old one offered, that is individuality. why not balance it? of course, ppl who farmed whole game got like 20 elo whilst having like 0 kills and assists (i.e. no teamplay)- solution: balance it, like, u could add a boundary (depending on elo or someshit) in which this individuality (effort u put into the game, buying wards, teamplay, assists etc) can contribute to your elo gain. or if u lose, this individuality could make u lose less elo (also in the mentioned boundary) so all in all: why abandon it entirely instead of making it better?
  7. u forgot capslock omgomgomg
  8. caphalor.

    Tournament Registration

    Battlenet name : caphalor. Realm : Europe
  9. caphalor.

    DotA -ap

  10. caphalor.

    VK abuse, bad manners and offensive talk

    just to chime in: well i think taking away 2 runes from a cocky ego player who isnt playing by the rules (as well) isnt so bad. other players grief and go woods for the rest of the game or dont help on purpose. gotta admit, id also (at least) try to make the cocky guy mad as much as possible (- but still trying to win ofc...)
  11. caphalor.

    !draw == loss

    lol, true, i have 0 draws
  12. caphalor.

    Bigger elo bot

    ye that would be great. u nabs know theres this problem that ppl dont join the -ap game but many of us want to play without em, so i had an epiphany: what if griefbob allows voting for non-em in lobby? so lobby would still fill, and if there are enough players agreeing on only -ap we got it. if not, we just play with -em as usual. mind is blown cheers
  13. caphalor.

    Introduce myself ( Teddy )

    usually i hate such introduction posts as they drive me nuts and make me want to hit the wall. anyway, yours is in such broken english and loaded with facts that dont matter to me, that i nearly find it sweet - no homo! gj
  14. caphalor.

    Definition of NOOB

    just a thing to the topic: like 99% of this huge sea of noobs out there are not even willing to listen to what recommendations ppl give them. so u seem to be exceptional since u r the first "noob" who really wants the advice to use it
  15. caphalor.

    About elo calculation

    https://ohstats.net/en/game/62560 .. fits to the topic

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