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  1. razor-

    Graou Vk abuse/Flame

    Ban everybody, Only razor- must be able to join dota
  2. razor-

    Inhouse DotA League

    No need im from asia now
  3. razor-

    Inhouse DotA League

    Razor- is in
  4. razor-


    accualy that not quite true it was a 2v1 mid, sniper first came when axe died and then axe stayed top. we rollled for mid i won that roll with quite a bit and u still refused to move away because, "pugna is a noob or something like that" i said kick cent (he is my friend, not even once did i start a votekick tho and sure i flamed him, i ALWAYS flame him) so ban well deserved see ya
  5. razor-

    Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    sec i will dl TS3 1st
  6. razor-

    Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    Rofl let play 1 dota
  7. razor-

    Saturday is Crazy Mode Day

    hello noobs are you playin more IH's ?
  8. razor-

    2 or 3 maphackers in sentinel

    storm is pro and storm can play in any tournament. i bet all my moneys on him !!!!! gogo storm make me rich!!!!!!!!!!
  9. chill out groubbies there is enough razor- for all of you get in line please
  10. firstly: of all i anit doding any bans maybe i had done it in the past where i got banned for something i never used secondly: revealed what? u report me for something i did after u did it urself not to mention you was the player who raged and FLAMED whitch is banable in itself thirdly: be my guest get something on me they can rangeban me for, that im better player than you isnt enough princess im sorry Now have an amazing day Im out QQ
  11. That aint me but okay whatever makes u feel good princess And for you info i never Flame other players Like you does , and i never abuse votekick again like u does just ask admins to check ip
  12. razor-


    #26 Razor-
  13. razor-


    woops my wrong the acc name was "Storm." i made a proper ban appeal, my bad and storm for the record u mby won 1 game vs me then i win 10 vs u and u know it. But i understand that is a HUGE MOMENT for you that u finally won over me so i will leave it there GG WP Peace
  14. razor-


    bnet account BoxInBox i left the game while it was in lobby, but somehow the game started anyways, so please unban Regards

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