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  1. torsk is being obnoxious again and this time he just up the antes and calling me a chink. please ban for racism
  2. Votekick Abuse

    @bunek really? machba making real life threat and no one bats an eye and we want to vote kick the ruiner/flamer and everyone loses their mind? 35:53 machba: HEYGO KILL YOURSELF 35:57 machba: HE TOSSED ME TO KIL ME 35:03 machba: SO HEY GO SLIT YORU WRIST IN RELA LIFE besides, he votekicked too
  3. Vote-kick Abuse - alt

    ur admin
  4. Vote-kick Abuse - alt

    this guy is still mad? i haven't been back for a while. geez, i am glad that you remember ppl from the internet
  5. Vote-kick Abuse - alt

    the rule is that if both called mid. we have to roll. not kick the second person that wants mid besides, i was leaving mid when i was kicked.
  6. Vote-kick Abuse - alt

    either of us called. but he abused vk. was about to leave mid after !sd him but he vked anyway
  7. Vote-kick Abuse - alt

    the game is still on going so i can't post link but here is the best info i can provide for now Game-link:-OHS- DotA apem #61Offending player(s) lobby-number or color or ign: altTime occured:in the startDetails(optional): sentinel vked me because i went mid, without rolling or anything here is the replay LastReplay.w3g
  8. vk abuse-loko_srz

    i got stuck on the first step
  9. vk abuse-loko_srz

    Game-link:https://stats.dota.vision/game/59326Offending player(s) loko_srzTime occured: 21:26 loko_srz: !votekick ollDetails(optional): bloodseeker was not feeding and he was helping team fight and lina just kicked him for being bad.
  10. batnut, the worst admin ever

    he didn't say that he was the admin. it felt like a challenge when he said "next flame and you are ban". if he was being nice, i could've apologized.
  11. batnut, the worst admin ever

    sephvroth: fuck you 19:24 BatNUT: next flame you are ban 19:25 sephvroth: fucking creep stealers 19:27 feeds: -ms 19:28 sephvroth: go fuck urself 20:30 Ike.Broflovski: omw top 20:36 Ike.Broflovski: razor farm mid 20:40 BatNUT: !ban sephv flame 20:40 Bot: Player [sephvroth] was banned by player [BatNUT] on server [useast.battle.net]. that is all i said and he banned me right away
  12. [email protected] 10/08

    Your in-game-name"@"realm: [email protected] ban date:10/08Your cause of ban:flameYour plea:i only called batnut name twice and that's it. the punishment doesn't fit the crime. in fact. he was underperforming at that time and was stealing my creeps. it was reasonable to call him names and he did not de escalate and was provoking me. for more details. please follow the link
  13. batnut, the worst admin ever

    -OHS- DotA apem #63 is still not showing. after this long time. and batnut is viewing all my post on this forum. what is going on?
  14. oh. where do i start with this guy. the fact that he got his radiance at 30 min mark, or that he never participate in a game fight. or his creep stealing. or his ks almost for the entire game and end up with like 7 assists and 7 kills while others got 14 assits oh and that he BANNED ME for confronting him. i was blade storming in the midline trying to get some cash and this batnut came durp durp and casted deathwave last min. so i got mad and called him name. but instead of being a good admin and try to de-escalate the situation, he challenged and said "flame one more and you are banned" so like other beguilable players. i flamed him one more time and he banned me immidiately. first of all. i did flame. but i only did twice, and only because he stole my creeps. second of all, he was a horrible player at that point with 5 deaths and 1 kill. every clue points to that he just wanted to game ruin. thirdly, he was absent for most of the teamfights and only appear when we are farming a big group of creeps. i think i was unfairly banned and batnut was abusing his admin power. please review. the game name is -OHS- DotA apem #63 and i am attaching the replay because for some reason, the game is not appearing on the website. been waiting for 10 mins LastReplay.w3g yeah. -OHS- DotA apem #63 is still not on the website after i finished writing this.
  15. itemsteal, flame-lycan

    @GriefCode @bunek

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