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  1. imbaranker

    Changes to Elo rating

    just do elo balance on game start on -apem
  2. imbaranker

    need unbane

    name spoof detected. the real [flur] is in another game. and kick, pls help I forgot to close wc3 on another computer)
  3. imbaranker

    need unbane

    ok. ill wait. but tech was so useless. only interfered with the game. sorry that you can not download and watch the replay 29:42 flur: tech with sia and crit
  4. imbaranker

    need unbane

    Please tell me for what I was banned? 59101 flur europe.battle.net 12 Jan. 2018 14 Jan. 2018 00:00:00
  5. imbaranker

    need unbane

    bad day))) 2 disc - 2 ban ))) unbane pls)
  6. imbaranker

    need unbane

  7. imbaranker

    need unbane

    unbane pls ( thx
  8. imbaranker

    need unbane

  9. imbaranker

    need unbane

    wc3 crashed with a critical error. unbane pls
  10. imbaranker

    need unbane

    i have disc)))) pls unbane
  11. imbaranker

    need unbane

    need unban))) one leave. I wrote a "!draw"... and leave .... thought it will be .... please unban me.
  12. imbaranker

    need unbane

    )))))) p.s. thx for unbane There was a strong storm that day. The Internet has been falling for a long time
  13. imbaranker

    need unbane

    There was a strong storm that day. The Internet has been falling for a long time
  14. imbaranker

    need unbane

    have a disc several times. ((( nickname - flur #22 flur europe.battle.net 1682 SCORE

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