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  1. Torsk


    https://ohstats.net/en/game/79031 Shareabuse at 13:10 (unsharing after I upgraded), flame and vk abuse. Enjoy
  2. Torsk

    Tournament Bracket

    Edit; how about we play a bo3(best of 3), and this game counted. Meaning it is now 0-1. I sincerely hope for a new shot, as I feel the first game was a bit odd! ps, hope I don't come across as a "sore loser", though I think my offer would be more than fair
  3. Torsk

    Tournament Bracket

    I hope for a remake. I had a massive laggspike the moment Elite DC'ed, which fucked up my C raze. Basically the raze was cancelled. I ended up using X and Z, which wasn't enough obviously I was in the lead by that point, 1 raze above It was nevertheless a decent game, though I strongly hope for a new game with no DC!
  4. https://ohstats.net/en/game/173307 Player rrazorr at it again, I didn't check if he sold items or destroyed them, but he started to grief at fountain. His teammates kicked him eventually. Can he get a prolonged ban for doing the same stuff over and over Referring this this post, not the first time he is reported for stuff like this.
  5. This guy whisperspammed all day yesterday, and he proceeded to make 4-5 new accs after I ignored each one of them Unfortunately I don't have any screens of it, so I guess I have no "proof" Time to ignore him!
  6. Torsk

    Tournament Bracket

    Ggwp Bee, it was a great match
  7. https://ohstats.net/en/game/172397 Dang, what a game. Got stuck with a useless void ally who were unable to land one single decent chrono all game. Player rrazorr flaming allies throughout the game, several abusive votekick attempts, and impersonated staff members. Based on the chatlog alone he should get atleast 3 days for this kind of toxic behaviour. 48:22 RRazoRR: my mate 48:23 RRazoRR: will ban him So he basically semi-impersonated staff and even whispered me that he would make sure his "friend admin" would ban me for being "noob". Yeah, legit. 45:44 RRazoRR: !votekick gjedd 45:50 RRazoRR: usless trash 46:32 RRazoRR: fucking retard 46:34 RRazoRR: you game ruin 48:44 RRazoRR: worst fucking player I've ever seen 50:38 Newskillz: !votekick gjedde 50:46 RRazoRR: !yes 52:23 RRazoRR: such an idiot 59:01 RRazoRR: ohs full of tards 63:36 RRazoRR: Wyvern pure trash
  8. https://ohstats.net/en/game/171641 Player sia is such a toxic player. It's not like this is the first time I report this abuser - abuses votekick -spam minimap at 23:15 - flame all game
  9. https://ohstats.net/en/game/171164 Worst game in a while. jaja: abusing votekick several times. Flaming hard throughout the game. Eventually he destroyed and sold all his items, then continued to flame and abuse votekick. I request the longest ban possible for this mofo. echoo: hard flame and votekick abuses. gg-: His teammates made him aware of that jaja destroyed his items and went afk. He still refused to write !yes after a couple of votekicks towards jaja. Ban me for feeding? Make what you can out of this game, it was a complete mess
  10. Torsk

    Tournament Q&A

    Since we're not on lan I presume that disconnect = autolose? Lan, as in the game is naturally not going to be gradually saved
  11. @Bee Ok, would be nice if you could ban those players, met them in lobby just now
  12. https://ohstats.net/en/game/170978 Player snowwhite flaming his team, before leaving/plugging. This player do this often, but somehow the autoban doesn't catch this gameruiner. Flaming teammates and then plugging after dying several times break team morale, and the rest of his teammates ended up losing. Long ban for this toxic kid 10:51 snowwhite: u both tards top 10:55 snowwhite: we lost hard 10:56 snowwhite: gg 10:02 snowwhite: sniper and thrall 10:03 snowwhite: so bad ^^ 10:15 snowwhite: but neverminds 10:19 snowwhite: i fucked thrall today hard 11:41 Bot: snowwhite has left the game voluntarily.
  13. https://ohstats.net/en/game/170836 Player d4rk Where do I begin. vk abuse At around 33:00 to 36:00d4rk started to perma wood, refusing to teamplay and engage in any sort of action. He even said in chat "me no help". Flame etc 11:40 d4rk: you are uslesss 11:42 d4rk: not help 11:49 d4rk: JUST STEAL 11:03 d4rk: NOOOOB2:28 d4rk: KICK HIM 14:31 d4rk: *>WTFD 14:33 d4rk: FUCKY IOU 14:38 d4rk: YOIU ARE TAKE NOT TAN 14:42 d4rk: ANDF NO KXICK FUION 14:45 d4rk: FURION ITS USLESSSS 14:50 d4rk: and 4 v 58
  14. https://ohstats.net/en/game/170819 Several votekick-attempts made towards me(cm) by the reported players. Long bans

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