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  1. Goldorak afk

    both banned for vka.
  2. DotA -ap

    I'm interested in joining if there is still space available. if not , gl hf I suppose.
  3. so I've been reminescing about the times in the good ol' days of wc3 and one map that I frequently play along with dota was a map called Pudge Wars. It's a fairly fun and fast paced game. So here's my suggestion on having it be included in the list of hosted bots-- perhaps replace one of the seldomly rarely *couh* -ap*cough* bots on the platform or just plain include it.
  4. ENT Sucks

    @Crywolf :0 your double negatives is confusing me literally translates to meep.
  5. An Offer More Than An Application

    As I have not witness any activity from you I am undecided, so for the time being, the answer is no. While on that note, I voice the same opinion as Cry.
  6. Christmas Event

    nice =] reminds me of this: ty griefcode-claus
  7. MMO/RPG

    the main problem for me with MMO, well save for the P2W aspects that plagues nearly every single one out there, is the immersion factor. probably better to invest into VR and replay all your MMOs in first person settings. personally I haven't done it because I'm afraid once I step foot into that domain, I will more than likely not get similar feelings to the same games as the new sensation, one which will be hard to not go without. ps: this looks like fun?
  8. VK Abuse

    I apologize, but I was referencing this: As no where in the game you specifcally posted for the ban request did such a thing occurred.. And again, I'll restate that it is my honest opinion on the matter, a comment as I will await other mods' ruling on said matter.
  9. and what about the rest of the heroes? -- slark, bara, lc is just 3 out of the hundred something heroes dota has to offer.
  10. About elo calculation

    and there-in lies the problems, in em, the heroes are treated as the creep =]]]]
  11. perhaps in your view it is , however it's something to grab the people's attention and get them motivate others into playing more (those who want to get into the ranks).
  12. suggestion for stats page. make the heroes clickable in the heroes page where it then display the top 10 players for said hero as well as list their particular sd with said hero. hero hero description overall avg stats (same as what's shown in heroes page) [var1][var2][var3][var..][varN] top ten players [player1][var1][var2][var3][var..][varN] [player..][var1][var2][var3][var..][varN] [player10][var1][var2][var3][var..][varN]
  13. VK Abuse

    it's not a final decision, just a comment on what I inferred. though tasteless as it is, the comment you quoted is subjective and has no relationship to what I referenced.

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