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    I accused at least 4 innocent as hacker

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  1. YamiBakura32

    Warcraft 3 HD Remaster - by fans

    In that case just gj
  2. YamiBakura32

    Warcraft 3 HD Remaster - by fans

    You know if warcraft 4 would be created all wc3 custom maps would die such as MooMoo,Daow,AzLr,CHS and all other fun maps, so you better think on another expansion instead of wc4
  3. YamiBakura32


    All Pick-, Deadmatch-, Same Hero Mode- is more fun than cd mode
  4. YamiBakura32


    And don't ignore Lc,Slark,Sven,Riki,Xin,Silencer and Mort
  5. YamiBakura32

    Maphack by michal88

    This pigeon is finnaly geting banned for my ruined 300 elos on ohs I hope you ar reading this michal88 you cant flame here kid cuz we are here all Big Daddys here
  6. YamiBakura32

    Maphack by michal88

    Over 70 repliesfor ban report makes this guy biggest belived criminal on ohs. There is no court on earth that can make justice here. If he doesn't speak we will have to find him guilty and let gods decide his fate.
  7. YamiBakura32

    Maphack by michal88

    Michal88 does not only mh he even flames, he called this place total gardbage and that he can mh as much he want i played with my bros against him,he said to me fuck you even if i get banned ill make new account and keep mhing Baba and DischoTecha are my onlookers on this player.
  8. YamiBakura32

    Maphack by michal88

    Djeste nabovi i ja se slazem da ova kokos ima mh kosta me 500 eloa, nek je perm ban za flame Octe da igramo?
  9. YamiBakura32

    All who are in favour of playing dihl say i

  10. 4 big criminals in my team doing same shit every game and they think they can just walk away over this my game https://ohstats.net/en/game/173625 Just do not missunderstood me calling player rats i call geomancer clones rats idiots and motherfuckers lol\. Sentinels xxkellwxx uswest.europebattle.net was glitching the game and game almost crashed by selling linken and trying to get so money from it. mexican_wisp uswest.europebattle.net was afk 2/3 abused vk aginst gyro and feeded entire game while gyro refused to kick her. jcx.arcoal uswest.europebattle.net internationally refused to teamwork and went intro 1v3 fights alone and blamed me for it tintinboy uswest.europebattle.net was biggest ruiner in the game. First he said screw this geo, vk abused kicking traxes with 0-7 and then he sticked with yellow and blue in 2v5 fights Scourge - Reporting them for votekick abuse, however is not necessary since they won game and enemy gameplay is not my concerns cristberg, fabiaan, manitu europebattle.net for votekick abuse manos_88 europebattle.net for feeding Im here all honest and i will not tolerate enemy team flaming neither mine i calll cause im not reporting anyone for flaming. As the sign of begin trust worth by reporting 9 people in game i have taken picture. As you see im the best player in the game, Traxes and Gyro abused teamfaight and trolled as i said this is ultimative proof,kunkka gave up after 20 mins and trolled and zet was only normal player in my team but he glitched game my fps went to 10 and screwed game. 17:14 Mexican_Wisp: fokers i went toilet, also she went afk again afterwards and came back at 26:37 tintinboy: fking afk and feeder, he said truth 29:28 JcX.arcoal: they 2 dont want help really difficult, he said this to teamfight abuser zet and gyro
  11. YamiBakura32

    Feeding and flaming

    I said everything to those feeders to stop feeding and then Axe said "fuck this game im going to feed" , Warlock said we all suck and helped axe to win game, Omnikinght was biggest noob but he feeded to. On the other hand huskar flamed at 05:49 and until my team started to feed. Also not just that when you look at the replay i think at 38:39 when i was afk somone in my team feeded with curriers. Game Feeders : nanard europe.battle.net, giorgingo - asia.battle.net, looptroopesll - europe battle.net Flame : ,d4rk - europ.battle.net https://ohstats.net/en/game/171712
  12. YamiBakura32

    Ban Report: VKA and flame

    Bronze 5 chat box
  13. YamiBakura32

    Trolling,Flaming,Afk,Vk Abuse,Leaver

    It looks stupid I only sweared a bit against void and sniper ONLY who ignored me, whatever this is not topic where those players judge me for their impolite actions... Yeah my apologies to I take back this report and unban them all after all im also responsible for this game cheers
  14. YamiBakura32

    Trolling,Flaming,Afk,Vk Abuse,Leaver

    That votekick you ruined it and did not kicked sniper who was feeding 0-7, therefore i was paying attention to void and sniper in that part what should i have simply stayed normal while sniper and void been ignoring team fight with low levels i never insulted Mr_moron in the game and never insulted Lion. After all only one who made game hard were been you three who been feeding and i been saying crap to sniper and void cause they ignored me and didn't even respnded back

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