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  1. 4 big criminals in my team doing same shit every game and they think they can just walk away over this my game https://ohstats.net/en/game/173625 Just do not missunderstood me calling player rats i call geomancer clones rats idiots and motherfuckers lol\. Sentinels xxkellwxx uswest.europebattle.net was glitching the game and game almost crashed by selling linken and trying to get so money from it. mexican_wisp uswest.europebattle.net was afk 2/3 abused vk aginst gyro and feeded entire game while gyro refused to kick her. jcx.arcoal uswest.europebattle.net internationally refused to teamwork and went intro 1v3 fights alone and blamed me for it tintinboy uswest.europebattle.net was biggest ruiner in the game. First he said screw this geo, vk abused kicking traxes with 0-7 and then he sticked with yellow and blue in 2v5 fights Scourge - Reporting them for votekick abuse, however is not necessary since they won game and enemy gameplay is not my concerns cristberg, fabiaan, manitu europebattle.net for votekick abuse manos_88 europebattle.net for feeding Im here all honest and i will not tolerate enemy team flaming neither mine i calll cause im not reporting anyone for flaming. As the sign of begin trust worth by reporting 9 people in game i have taken picture. As you see im the best player in the game, Traxes and Gyro abused teamfaight and trolled as i said this is ultimative proof,kunkka gave up after 20 mins and trolled and zet was only normal player in my team but he glitched game my fps went to 10 and screwed game. 17:14 Mexican_Wisp: fokers i went toilet, also she went afk again afterwards and came back at 26:37 tintinboy: fking afk and feeder, he said truth 29:28 JcX.arcoal: they 2 dont want help really difficult, he said this to teamfight abuser zet and gyro
  2. YamiBakura32

    Feeding and flaming

    I said everything to those feeders to stop feeding and then Axe said "fuck this game im going to feed" , Warlock said we all suck and helped axe to win game, Omnikinght was biggest noob but he feeded to. On the other hand huskar flamed at 05:49 and until my team started to feed. Also not just that when you look at the replay i think at 38:39 when i was afk somone in my team feeded with curriers. Game Feeders : nanard europe.battle.net, giorgingo - asia.battle.net, looptroopesll - europe battle.net Flame : ,d4rk - europ.battle.net https://ohstats.net/en/game/171712
  3. YamiBakura32

    Ban Report: VKA and flame

    Bronze 5 chat box
  4. YamiBakura32

    Trolling,Flaming,Afk,Vk Abuse,Leaver

    It looks stupid I only sweared a bit against void and sniper ONLY who ignored me, whatever this is not topic where those players judge me for their impolite actions... Yeah my apologies to I take back this report and unban them all after all im also responsible for this game cheers
  5. YamiBakura32

    Trolling,Flaming,Afk,Vk Abuse,Leaver

    That votekick you ruined it and did not kicked sniper who was feeding 0-7, therefore i was paying attention to void and sniper in that part what should i have simply stayed normal while sniper and void been ignoring team fight with low levels i never insulted Mr_moron in the game and never insulted Lion. After all only one who made game hard were been you three who been feeding and i been saying crap to sniper and void cause they ignored me and didn't even respnded back
  6. YamiBakura32

    Trolling,Flaming,Afk,Vk Abuse,Leaver

    Ehhh, If I wasn't in the game what could you do with omni and leo while you feeded, without geo rush and 2 ruiners in game was impossible to win, It is pretty clear im responsible for this victory i did most kills in the game and did most raxes by myself and even if i didn't made ultra kill in end we would lose..
  7. YamiBakura32

    Trolling,Flaming,Afk,Vk Abuse,Leaver

    Eh i didn't really trolled and said how ohs is low never ,how so now? when sniper,void and you were level 5 at 20 minutes of the game and never been in team fights, if you look at the replay in end we indeed talked but we could not finish when you said RAX RAX everyone have been dead except void and sniper been in jungle only I was raxing frustrating.. I died cause you told me to push. Also one more thing I have been only expressing my rage such as "ASDFGHJKL" and "QWEAFASASMLK" i did not blame anyone.
  8. Trolling: bg.weed,lox+e,lion Flaming: sentabarina,mr_moron Afk: lion,lox+e Vk Abuse: elektroy, bg_weed, Noobs:, melwin_x-x, elektory , https://ohstats.net/en/game/164286 Everyone deserved ban if you look at the replay Details: " 04:29 Mr_moron: suicide noob " - starts insulting 07:10 Lox+E: war noob ıdea " - this means on german we are noobs 07:17 SentAbrinA: suicidal bara shit" - insults back 09:19 SentAbrinA: omfg " - Leoric swears due to omniknight gameplay 10:37 Lox+E: 2 naps dıe lane lol " - calls top laners noobs because of Leorics noob last actions 12:04 Void is level 4 with 0-5-0 Leoric level 5 and he votekick sniper cause he begins to troll him 12:09 Lox+E: kıck or ıfeed - says kick or feed 12:13 YamiBakura32: !yes - I agree on votekick At this point nobody agrees except me 13:37 SentAbrinA: vk abuse 13:41 Lox+E: geo say yes "- has no eyes 13:43 SentAbrinA: moron " - insults 13:46 YamiBakura32: i said yes moron "- i insulted little bit here but that is nessecary right now 13:21 Lox+E: blu say yes u fuckıngmoron " insults again 13:21 Mr_moron: no escape allowed 14:49 Lox+E: ok gg " - says gg at 10 min 14:52 Lox+E: ım back "- He was afk 14:55 Mr_moron: gg " - says gg at 10 min 14:12 BG.WEED: fuck "- says prohibited word 14:24 Lox+E: geo nap moron" calls me moron Around this time of game sniper and void stayed in jungle while we 3v5 and sniper trolls Void 0-6 level 5 Leoric 0-3 level 5 Techies 9-0 17:21 BG.WEED: 5 lv "- Sniper level 6 at 17 mins of the gme 17:26 YamiBakura32: wtf - I was like wtf 19:00 sniper feeds bara with 0-7 19:08 BG.WEED: me 600 hp 1v1 to bara me imao "- Legendary speech after sniper dead while i watching him die and was saying "lo"l 19:36 Lox+E: 19:40 Lox+E: ıts gg 19:44 Lox+E: ı go farm nur - Void says screw this 22:45 SentAbrinA: she fail his 22:51 SentAbrinA: he does it - Bronze 5 gramar 24:47 Team chases zet like rats 25:15 Mr_moron: he has no idea how to play " he said something smart 26:51 Mr_moron: kick techies of mega shit "-> Mega shit lol he was 0-10 and techies 12-5 26:05 Mr_moron: charge 26:10 SentAbrinA: megashit, lol 27:36 Mr_moron: loll this sky 27:38 SentAbrinA: sky is mega - Both team flames sky instead of bara noob lol 28:47 elektory: FUCK U 29:27 Mr_moron: our big shit is putting few mines 29:29 Mr_moron: yep 30:35 Mr_moron: once u might hit one and die - Talks with himself and flames For those 6 minutes sniper has been troling and void 0-10 still not kicked 36:37 SentAbrinA: look at void and his items - true void deserve ban 36:02 Mr_moron: look our deficient techies 36:08 Mr_moron: he has no team items - Techies goes afk 36:27 YamiBakura32: comes to steal 37:44 Mr_moron: look our shit pink - Sky goes afk, void and sniper feed more 37:46 Mr_moron: only ks 37:54 YamiBakura32: report him 37:05 Mr_moron: report pink? 37:24 Mr_moron: I already report him - he still didnt reported 38:24 SentAbrinA: meepo u fucker 38:26 PARI^cz: need b 39:33 YamiBakura32: rats 39:51 Mr_moron: techies and dg are 2 retards 39:58 SentAbrinA: I will afk 39:03 elektory: NICE 39:06 SentAbrinA: this is no team 39:13 YamiBakura32: orange is retard sniper bronze v This was just worse and worse that can't be explained by words 2 noobs in our team and two noobs in enemy team and nobody dosen't care abour reporting them besides us 2 40:09 SentAbrinA: best hero in dota and doing shit - flames 44:40 SentAbrinA: meepo 44:46 SentAbrinA: you are retard 46:42 Mr_moron: AT 2 INCH 47:21 Mr_moron: PUT MINES ASSHOLE 48:55 SentAbrinA: and this meepo is shit 48:03 SentAbrinA: reported 51:10 Mr_moron: ME i WAS MASTURBATING 52:25 SentAbrinA: def meepo dont die pls 53:11 Mr_moron: I report 56:15 SentAbrinA: as bitch 59:50 SentAbrinA: RAAAX 59:52 SentAbrinA: RAAAX 59:55 SentAbrinA: RAAAAX 59:57 SentAbrinA: RAAAAX 59:59 SentAbrinA: RAX 59:10 SentAbrinA: meepo omg 59:14 SentAbrinA: RAX Look the reset by yourself game was 72 minutes long have fun by watching it
  9. YamiBakura32

    Midorfeedbambi ruin the game by afk griefing

    That crap only plays mirana and then trolled entire game and said to f1ck you all and in game he called Ting Tong 10 years old virgin Lol

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